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How to Replace Lead in Mechanical Pencils (2022)

If you're wondering how to replace the lead in your mechanical pencil, it's easy!

Just follow these few steps!

How to replace lead in most mechanical pencils


  1. Remove the cap and the tip. 
  2.  Remove the eraser holder that was under the cap to get a new piece of lead out of the storage area.
  3. Now screw the mechanism all the way out to be sure that that is no lead in the tip end.   You do by turning it to the right.  There is a very small brass piece that will appear.  
  4. NOTE If you broke a piece of lead in the pencil, you will have get that out. There is a spring that grabs the lead and a broke off piece of lead will prevent the new stick from going in the spring. (Here is how
  5. Now Turn cylinder back a little until the smallest brass piece in the tip goes back in a bit. 
  6. Insert new lead into the point, it will grab.
  7. Turn the new lead into the pencil 



There you go! I hope this articled cleared that up for you!


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