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13 Best-Selling Personalized Pens (2021)

13 Best-Selling Personalized Pens

In this article, I'm simply going to list our 13 best-selling personalized pens and offer short overviews of each one.

You'll get a look at the best features of each personalized pen, variations within each pen line, writing styles, and reasons why people choose each one over the others.

Personalized Pens are some of the best kinds of personalized gifts available on the internet, and we hope this list is representative of some the best pens for writing out there and can help you find the right one for you!

1.) Cross Calais

Cross Pens Calais Chrome Ballpoint personalized pen

The Calais from A.T. Cross pens is our #1 best-selling personalized pen and our Best Cross Pen at Dayspring Pens, and it's easy to see why. 

The Calais is easily the most affordable (starting from $28.34), best designed, and reliable luxury pens on the market.

The most popular versions on the Calais are:

  1. The Cross Calais Chrome Ballpoint (pictured above)
  2. The Cross Calais Blue Lacquer Ballpoint
  3. The Cross Calais Chrome and Blue Double Pen Set (A Dayspring Pens Exclusive)
  4. and the Cross Calais Chrome Graduation Emblem Ballpoint

The engraving on these personalized pens looks really clear, so it makes a really great base for a meaningful gift pen. It's got a mid-sized barrel; that means it's great for logo engraving for promotional gifts and merchandise.

2.) Cross Classic Century

Cross pens Classic Century in Chrome Cross Pen and Pencil set with personalized engraving in gift box

This slender, professional Cross Pen is just as reliable as the Calais, but marks a step up in stand-out design, luxury, and elegance. These personalized pens have historically been given to graduates with many peoples keeping (and using) the Classic Century for over 40 years.

The most popular models of the Classic Century are:

  1. The Cross Classic Century Chrome Ballpoint
  2. The Cross Classic Century 10kt Gold Pen Ballpoint
  3. The Cross Classic Century Chrome Pen and Pencil Set (Pictured Above)
  4. The Cross Classic Century Medalist Ballpoint
  5. and The Cross Classic Century Black and Gold Pen Ballpoint

The engraving texture on the Classic Century is a little more subtle than the Calais, especially on the chrome and gold pen versions—but it really pops in bright gold on the black models—making it the perfect graduation gift pen.

3.) Parker Jotter

Man holding Parker Pens Jotter click ballpoint pen with personalized engraving

The Jotter from Parker pens is one of the best personalized pens out there with the most bang per buck. Starting at only $23.09, the Jotter has a minimal design and construction but the maximum in solid durability. It comes standard as a smooth-writing gel pen.

The most popular models of the Jotter are:

  1. The Parker Jotter Chrome Gel Pen with Gold Trim (pictured above)
  2. The Parker Jotter Chrome Gel Pen
  3. and the Parker Jotter Gel Pen in Waterloo Blue

The engraving comes out similar to the Classic Century from Cross Pens.

This one is sure to please; it's my preferred pen. And you don't need to just take my word for it. Bryan Collins author of Yes, You Can Write points out the strength of the Parker Jotter in his informative article on the Best Pens for Writing in 2021.

Plus, it's got the best click feeling ever.

4.) Waterman Hemisphere

Woman holding Waterman Pens Hemisphere black and gold pen ballpoint with personalized engraving

The Hemisphere is one of the best Waterman pens available. It's a favorite personalized pen with both our customers and our staff.

With the Hemisphere, Waterman have crafted an incredibly smooth pen in each of its pen writing styles, and it stands in a much higher pedigree of luxury than its Cross pens counterparts.

The Hemisphere has a slimmer barrel; however, it does not lose anything in solidity. It's even got a nice weight to it—not too heavy, but enough weight to give it a nice sense of purpose. These personalized pens just take the cake as far as writing experience.

The best selling Hemispheres styles available from Dayspring Pens are:

  1. The Waterman Hemisphere Black and Gold Ballpoint Pen (pictured above)
  2. The Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel and Gold Ballpoint Pen
  3. The Waterman Hemisphere Black and Gold Rollerball Pen
  4. The Waterman Hemisphere Stainless and Gold Rollerball Pen

There are also some Waterman pen sets available exclusively from Dayspring pens.

5.) Dayspring Pens Monroe Pen and Pencil Set

Dayspring Pens Monroe 18kt gold pen Ballpoint with personalized engraving

The Monroe Pen and Pencil Set is one of the best pen sets available on our website, and it's one of the most affordable gold pens on the internet.

A solid construction, rubber grip, and high-quality ballpoint cartridge make this pen as reliable and easy-to-use as a Cross pen, but for an even lower price point.

The best value deal for the Monroe is definitely the personalized pen and pencil set which includes a click pen and mechanical pencil.

The other Monroe models include:

  1. The Monroe Black Pen and Pencil Set
  2. The Monroe Single Black Pen Ballpoint
  3. The Monroe Blue Pen and Pencil Set
  4. The Monroe Red Pen and Pencil Set

Any length of engraving looks great on Monroe personalized pens. It's longer barrel means that it can accommodate longer engravings without looking overpacked.

6.) Waterman Expert

Man holding Waterman Pens Expert black and gold pen ballpoint with personalized engraving

The Waterman Expert Black and Gold Pen Ballpoint (pictured above) is one of our best professional pens.

The cigar-shaped medium barrel design makes it a comfortable options for both men and women. The accents give it a classic look perfect for the professional world.

Its larger cap and solid construction have made it the luxury pen of choice for logo engraved gifts to executives and for career milestones.

Aside from the ballpoint, here's our Waterman Expert selection:

  1. The Waterman Expert Black Gold Trim Rollerball Pen
  2. The Waterman Expert Black and Chrome Trim Ballpoint
  3. The Waterman Expert Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen
  4. The Waterman Expert Stainless Chrome Ballpoint Pen
  5. The Waterman Expert Black Ballpoint and Rollerball Pen Set

Each style has the Waterman guarantee for excellent, smooth writing, which makes finding the best Expert a matter of preference over objectivity.

7.) Dayspring Pens Woodmark Pen and Pencil Set

Man writing with Dayspring Pens woodmark ballpoint pen and pencil set

Our only selection that is entirely wood except for the mechanical elements and appointments, the Woodmark pen and pencil sets are one of a kind since no two pieces of wood are the same.

Showing off the natural grains of rosewood, the warm finish of these personalized pens make them an excellent accessory to a desk.

An affordable option for promotional gifting, the case offers a large medium for both logo and text engravings. There is also versatility in how the custom pens sets are customized with the option to engrave the case and the writing instruments differently.

The most popular of the Woodmark line ranks:

  1. The Deluxe Woodmark Rosewood Pen and Pencil Case
  2. Woodmark Rosewood Pen and Case
  3. Medical Themed Doctor Gift Pen and Case
  4. Graduation Themed Rosewood Gift Pen and Case

Each rosewood ballpoint is also compatible with Cross brand ink refills making it a convenient for refilling.

8.) Dayspring Pen Lumen

Man holding Dayspring Pens lumen light-up gift pen

Our cheapest custom pens option, the Lumen is a ballpoint pen and stylus that works on all tablet screens with a delightful gimmick - the engraving lights up when the top is clicked.

What is great about this pen is that it is a thoughtful, uniquely customizable pen that can be given out without the need for a big occasion or a high ticket buy.

I see them most commonly given as gifts for coworkers and friends who want to share an inside joke or just give something fun.

The color options available for the Lumen are:

  1. Black Lumen Light Up Pen
  2. Blue Lumen Light Up Pen
  3. Red Lumen Light Up Pen (pictured above)


The Lumen is a no stress gifts option when looking for a gift for things like the office Secret Santa or a team present at the start of a project.

9.) Dayspring Pens Arizona

Woman writing with Dayspring Pens Arizona Blue Fountain Pen with personalized engraving

The Arizona Blue Fountain Pen seen above is a best seller for two reasons: 1.) because it is a great entry level fountain pen and 2.) because of its wide barrel.

We constantly hear from beginners and fountain pen buffs how solid the Jinhao nib of the Arizona Fountain pen is and starting at $31.49 it can be a great option for trying out different kinds of fountain pen ink without worrying about mucking up a more expensive pen.

The wide barrel on these personalized pens is also perfect for larger hands. The popular Arizona options include:

  1. Arizona Red Fountain Pen
  2. Arizona Blue Fountain Pen and Rollerball Set
  3. Arizona Black Ballpoint
  4. Arizona Blue Rollerball

Each Arizona Fountain Pen includes an ink converter and two free black universal ink cartridges.

10.) Cross Bailey

Man holding Cross pens Bailey medalist chrome and gold pen ballpoint

The Cross Bailey line is the perfect example of the professional line of AT Cross pens. Recognizably Cross, the Bailey features a medium barrel, etched banding, and an incredible clip that is large enough for an easy slide in and out of pockets and portfolios.

A step up from the Cross Calais, the Bailey is a business pen. The ballpoint is great for constant note-taking, the fountain pen for signing, and the rollerball for just about everything else.

The best selling Baileys and colors are:

  1. Bailey Medalist Ballpoint (pictured above)
  2. Bailey Black Lacquer Fountain Pen
  3. Bailey Medalist Ballpoint and Rollerball Set (Exclusive to Dayspring Pens)
  4. Bailey Blue Lacquer Rollerball
  5. Bailey Red Lacquer Ballpoint

Plenty of space on the cap for engraving makes this a popular pen for logo and two line engravings.

11.) Parker IM

man holding Parker pens IM black and gold pen rollerball with personalized engraving

Glossy black lacquer and the icon Parker arrow clip with polished gold accessories highlight the Parker IM Rollerball seen above. Designed to be modern, comfortable, and professional, the Parker IM is a go-to gift for graduations and celebratory office gifts.

The Parker IM offers the only click-action ballpoint pens in the professional lines of our luxury pens starting at $33.59.

Available in black or blue lacquer with gold or silver appointments, the best of the Parker IMs are as follows:

  1. Parker IM Black Gold Trim Ballpoint
  2. Parker IM Blue Silver Trim Rollerball
  3. Parker IM Black Gold Trim Ballpoint and Fountain Pen Set (Exclusive to Dayspring Pens)
  4. Parker IM Black Gold Trim Fountain Pen

The perfect barrel size for logos and signature engravings, the Parker IM engravings match the trims for a stand out personalization.

If you are a Parker Pen fan, the IM is a must try.

12.) Dayspring Pens Braxton Pen Set

Woman writing with Dayspring Pens Braxton Rollerball Pen Set with personalized engraving

A staff favorite, the Braxton Ballpoint and Rollerball set is shockingly excellent for $28.34. This affordable set is one of the smoothest sets from both the ballpoint to the rollerball available at Dayspring.

A twist-action ballpoint and capped rollerball, the Braxton set writes so well I regularly dig through our test pen bucket for any extras.

The Braxton has a 18kt gold-plated barrel with a colored lacquer cap that can handle longer names and messages like a champ.

The colors available in the Braxton set are:

  1. Braxton Blue Set
  2. Braxton Red Set (Rollerball pictured above)
  3. Braxton Green Set

The Braxton Sets are hands down one of Dayspring Pens greatest deals and best kept secrets.

13.) Cross Century II

Woman holding Cross Century II Pen in pearlescent white from Dayspring personalized pens

The ideal blend of the Cross Classic Century and the Cross Townsend, the Century II shows the best that Cross has to offer.

Where some of the more premium Cross pen lines can become self-indulgent or unwieldy, the Century II nails the classic elegance and functional design that has made Cross a household name.

It's a sharp-looking pen with quality construction. Even the twist of the ballpoint and the snap of the capped models feel expensive.

What are the top Century II contenders?

  1. Century II Black Lacquer with Gold Trim Ballpoint
  2. Century II White Lacquer with Gold Trim Rollerball (pictured above)
  3. Century II Black lacquer with Gold Trim Fountain Pen
  4. Century II 10kt Gold Ballpoint


What's included with a Dayspring Pen?

Every Dayspring pen comes with a free single line of custom engraving and free standard shipping in the US.

Each one includes ink and comes gift-ready in a gift box with a personal gift note available.

All personalized pens also come with a varying warranty against mechanical issues from the manufacturers.


I hope this list helps you find the right pen for you from the Dayspring Pens Best Sellers. We pride ourselves on giving maximum help in navigating the big world of luxury pens to every customer.

If you want to stay up to date with our best sellers, new products, and special discounts, consider subscribing to our Dayspring Pens newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Let us know which of these fine writing instruments is your favorite in the comments below!


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