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For pen enthusiasts, when one says fountain pen, Waterman immediately comes to mind. Waterman’s pens are synonymous with the ultimate quality and luxury in fine writing. This fountain pen has a rich history, dating as far back as the 1800s. Lewis Edson Waterman improved on the existing fountain pen in...

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Sometimes it may seem impossible to write both neatly and fast. It is one of those skills that eludes many people.  When trying to write fast, your handwriting ends up looking unreadable and messy. When you try to write neatly, it seems to take forever.  You may be frustrated and...

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Have you ever wondered what a graphology expert would have to say about your handwriting? Have you ever wondered what that even means? Graphology is the analysis of the characteristics of a person’s writing, in other words: handwriting analysis. Such a study is said to reveal the emotional and psychological...

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