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Story of Dayspring Pens

In 1994 our founder started to make handcrafted pens from exotic woods as a hobby and pastime.  They were mostly as gifts for friends and family, and a few were offered for sale at local craft shows.   Much as changed since then, and it is quite different from what we do now.  

As interest in these handmade pens grew both locally and then later on internet, it came to place where others were hired to make these pens.  Several woodworking shops across America became suppliers for Dayspring Pens.  Our original name, Dayspring Pen Shop, reflected the woodworking shop aspect of the business.   

Soon after, a corporation desired a large order, with engraving of their logo on these wood pens.  But we did not have an engraver back then!  (By the way, we no longer sell these 'handmade' pens, just in case you were looking for them).   So we found someone to engrave that order for us, but we also started to explore engraving.   That led to our first laser engrave back in the mid 1990's   Once we had that machine many more business opportunities opened up for engraving.  We started to get pens from suppliers.  And engraving quality pens started to be the focal point of the new business.  

One engraver led to another, and another, and another.  Different types of engravers are used for different types of materials (wood or metal).   As the engraving grew, so did the demand to quality name brand pens. Dayspring began to partner with Cross pens, Waterman pens and Parker pens, as well as other suppliers.   

Many years and thousands of orders later, we are now one of the largest distributors of decorated pens for each these brands.  We are proud to partner with these fine companies.   In 2014 we joined with Amazon and the business partnership opened up many new markets.  When Amazon Custom as added as a feature for customer to see their finished product online, we were one of the first to jump on it.  

Over the last 23 plus years,  we have shipped out hundreds of thousands of engraved pens to happy customers all over the world.  We are the respected place for engraved personalized pens.  We do both as single gifts and for corporate or businesses we offer logo engraving.    Because we engrave most of our orders in house, we can offer fast service and even 1 day engraving time.   Customers in today's world deserve that kind of service and we are proud to offer it. 

We like to say that Dayspring Pens is the 'write' place for custom engraved pens.   :)  
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