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How to Replace Lead in Mechanical Pencils (2022)

If you're wondering how to replace the lead in your mechanical pencil, it's easy! Just follow these few steps! How to replace lead in most mechanical pencils...
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Are the Pens Engraved or Imprinted? (2022)

A few weeks ago, a customer received their engraved pen and was under the impression that the pen they received was not engraved but imprinted with ink (or sometimes...
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Video of a Pen Being Laser Engraved

We took a quick video when we were engraving today to show you how the laser engraving process happens. Here is a video of the CO2 machine...
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Dayspring Pens Adds Waterman Pens to it's Line Up

Dayspring Pens has added the quality line of Waterman pens to its line of personalized gift pens. The Waterman pens will feature free standard engraving, like all pens on our...
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Gift Pens is launched May 2008 Takes Personalized and Professional Gifts to the Next Level - Just in time for Graduation Gift Season Forget boring paperweights and plaques that disappear into desk...
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