Presidents Day 2021 

A look at a few of the pens of recent US presidents.  

Most of the recent American Presidents have made the choice to use pens from the 170 year old American based pen maker AT Cross Pen, based in Rhode Island. While Cross makes many styles of quality pens, most resent presidents have used the Black with Gold or Silver plated trim Townsend pen. The Townsend has been the top of the Cross pen line for many years, until the recent addition of the Cross Peerless line. The Townsend features metal construction, a deep black lacquer and a real gold plated clip and tip to make this a statesmen's pen of choice.

Most recently President Obama used the Townsend Black with Silver Trim Rollerball used for signing official documents. George W Bush also used the Cross Townsend pen.  Many times a pen like this will have one use and then be donated to a person or cause associated with the bill that was signed. Donald Trump used the Century II rollerball pen with a felt tip in it before ditching it for a Sharpie. President Joe Biden's preferred penhowever, is once more the Century II. This high-quality pen is similar to the Townsend in many ways, with a deep black lacquer finish and real gold plated trim. However, it has a slightly narrower diameter and a medium weight. The Townsend is more of full bodied pen style.

To this day, both of these pens are statements of prestige and elegance in the Cross pen line.

Best of all they are both sold at Dayspring pens  and we offer free customization of your name or your signature engraved on the pen cap.  

So why not be presidential the next time you write and buy a Cross Townsend or Cross Century II today?