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Unboxing a Waterman Fountain Pen

How to Open a Waterman Fountain Pen

Waterman pens are a favorite in our office. They’re pens with a lot of class; their fountain pens are especially desirable writing instruments. If you’ve just received your new Waterman fountain pen, or you’re thinking about buying one, this article will walk you through unboxing the pen and show you what you can expect from a new Waterman fountain pen.

Waterman Fountain Pen

The first thing you’ll see when you get your new pen is the outer protective sleeve stamped with the Waterman logo. Go ahead and take out the blue gift box housing the pen by sliding it out from protective sleeve’s open side.

You’re now getting a good look at Waterman’s impeccable brand style. The gift box should feel like sturdy paperboard. This is a common structuring material for a lot of pen boxes. But Waterman’s pen boxes have a smooth matte cover around them, giving the whole thing a really solid, classy feel for presentation.

Go ahead and open the box. It opens like a clam shell. There’s your new Waterman fountain pen! As a rule, Waterman fountain pens are solid, well-weighted, and balanced pens. They’re constructed with way more metal than plastic, and that’s what gives them their professional appeal. They just feel good to write with. The pens will feel different based on the metal used for the barrel 

Your pen held in place on a cushion insert by a fabric ribbon and elastic strings. Don’t waste any time: take out your new pen and get a good feel for it. Complimentary ink cartridges are located beneath the cushion insert; there should be a little tab along one corner which you can lift up to easily pull it off.

Put your new ink cartridges in; you can see our helpful article on ink replacement if it’s your first time or you're having trouble.

Try out your new fountain pen! It’s best to have high quality writing paper, but any paper is always fine. Maybe compare this pen to another one you use often. 

Enjoy your new Waterman fountain pen. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, be sure to get yours with a free personalized engraving from Dayspring Pens.


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