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Unboxing a Waterman Ballpoint

How to Open Your Waterman Ballpoint

If you just bought yourself a new Waterman Ballpoint, this article is for you. It’s just as exciting to receive your first as it is your twentieth Waterman pen. They’re all incredible writing instruments and favored in our own office. You’ll soon see why.

First, here’s some things with which every Waterman pen product comes standard:

  • Your pen
  • A blue Waterman brand gift box
  • A white outer protective sleeve

Waterman Expert and Hemisphere Ballpoints in a Pen Holder

Start by easily removing the outer protective sleeve from the gift box by sliding it out from the open side. Waterman’s classic brand style really makes the gift box stand out from other pen boxes like Cross pens, and - best of all - it matches the quality of the pen itself.

Go ahead and open the gift box by peeling the top back on its hinge. There’s your very own Waterman ballpoint pen! Remove it from its place on the cushion and beneath the ribbon, and get ready for one of the best writing experiences ever.

To extend the tip of the ballpoint, simply twist the cap (the section opposite the tip point) clockwise. To retract it, simply turn it back the other way. If you want to replace the ink, unscrew the cap by turning it further counterclockwise.

Some of the best things about the Waterman ballpoints are their purposeful feel and consistency. Waterman pens feel solid and clean, using mostly metal rather than a lot of plastic to achieve the peak in writing excellence. We love them because you’re getting what you paid for; your pen will work brilliantly for a long, long time. The ink distribution is perfect and so smooth: there’s no choppy feed, no hesitation or crunchiness. It just writes like a breeze.

Test out your pen and get a good feel for it. Enjoy it, and be sure to share with us what you love about it. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, be sure to get yours engraved for free by Dayspring Pens.


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