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Unboxing a Cross Rollerball

How to Open a Cross Rollerball Pen

So, you’ve just got your new Cross rollerball pen, and you’re about to unbox it. Unboxing can be really exciting, especially if this is your first Cross pen. 

Every Cross pen product comes with three things:

  1. Your pen
  2. A Cross gift box
  3. An outer protective sleeve

A quick note on box styles

Cross Basic Gift BoxBasically, the fancier the pen you ordered, the fancier the box that comes with it. If you ordered a ballpoint made of chrome or something similar, chances are your pen will arrive in a small case (2 ⅝- x 6 ¾-inches) with a fully removable top.

Luxury Gift BoxIf you bought a ballpoint in 10K or 14K gold, black lacquer, or pearlescent white, it may arrive in a bigger box (4 ⅛ x 7 ¼-inches, only a little smaller than a cigar box) with a hinge top. These larger boxes also come with a foam protector on the inside and a neat little booklet on the Cross brand. But let’s get back to the fun part.


Go ahead and take off the protective sleeve. Once you do, you’ll see the gift box’s  design. It’s black and gold with the iconic lion logo right in the center. 

The Cross Logo

Next, open up the gift box and get a good look at your new Cross rollerball (oooo shiny!). Make sure everything’s as you ordered it. If you ordered refills, check for it beneath the cushion; just find the yellow ribbon and lift it up. 

Now grab some paper and enjoy your new Cross rollerball!

Savor the Moment

You’ll probably notice the smoothness of the writing. If you’re not familiar with what makes rollerball pens such great writing instruments, it’s because (unlike ballpoints which use oil-based ink) rollerballs use water-based ink. For more on writing styles, be sure to check out our article on the subject. 


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