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5 Tools to Get Them Ready for Their New Office Job (2021)

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Ask yourself this: What would you feel when someone shows their appreciation towards you by giving you a great gift?

Pretty good, right?

No matter who it’s given to, and no matter how small, a gift can make any co-worker feel all sorts of pleasant emotions.

Welcoming gifts for new employees, in particular, is a great way to kick things off on the right foot.

These gifts can make them feel loyal towards you and the team while also firing them up in helping the company succeed.

Plus, it’s a great first impression!

Here are some practical office gifts for coworkers to mark off the start of their new job with a bang.

Strategies for Giving Office Gifts for Coworkers

Give Appropriate Gifts

The approach you employ to give your gifts actually plays a big difference. Your company culture’s leniency towards gift-giving also matters.

If you're an authority figure, you’re expected to follow different types of gift-giving etiquette compared to someone of a similar position as the recipient.

For example, giving a personalized gift can give off the impression that your employee has performed well.

A gift card is also a safe option and can be well received from the recipient. Cold drinks on a water bottle or snacks like a box of donuts might be great too. 

A personal favorite of mine is giving practical gifts—since those gift ideas can symbolize success and prosperity.

However, a gift like a novelty item may come across as a little demeaning. So try to steer clear of giving gimmicky items like bobbleheads or baseball caps.

Giving the Gift

Giving a gift isn’t always about the item itself. For some employees, the gesture and thought are what matters most to them.

For instance, leaving an unwrapped pen on your new coworker’s desk on their first day may make them think you’re cold and hard to approach. 

Requiring your employee to boost their performance in exchange for the gift is not recommended either. In fact, the transaction sounds more like a bribe than a kind gesture.

Needless to say, it’s important to make your co-worker feel appreciated by going the extra mile and giving gifts the right way.

One way of doing this is by establishing contact first

If you don’t have time to see your new employee, you can send a personalized note detailing your name and contact info alongside your pen. This thoughtful gesture will be one that they’ll feel happy about, even if they don’t see you personally. 

Make sure that the way your gift is packaged looks nice and presentable too. Just like how you’d follow research indicated some fascinating reports about giving employees gifts: 

  • 81% of employees feel a sense of appreciation upon receiving a gift
  • 56% feel that their efforts have been recognized when they receive a gift
  • Almost half the participants said the gifts positively influenced their opinion on their employer

  • While these results look promising, you should also keep in mind that giving gifts requires some tact and strategizing on its own. 

  • Only 37% feel more loyal to their employer after receiving gifts
  • 40% of people weren’t satisfied with the gift they received
  • 31% felt unappreciated since the gift felt “cheap”

  • So don’t toss out gifts from the dollar store willy-nilly thinking that’ll help out right away. Focus on giving excellent gifts that are memorable and motivational. Like a personalized gift, for example. 

    Let’s browse through some fun gifts that coworkers will love in their desk or home office.

    5 Items That Make a Great Gift 

    A Gift Card

    Gift cards from a local store or a massive retail brand like Amazon are almost always well received. The reason is quite self-explanatory—the versatility that gift cards gives is second to none and allows the receiver to get themselves something they really want.

    According to the Shopify report, generic gift cards are the most desirable gift choice for coworkers. They sit comfortably at the top of the list with 88% of responses in their favor. Women over 40 years of age, in particular, love this gift the most. 

    However, this gift also suffers from the lack of memorability. Only 23% of C-level employees remember this gift, while 37% of junior level staff would remember it. So if you want to make an impact on your new employee, maybe consider something less generic.


    Who doesn’t love free food? 

    Whether you forgot to buy an actual gift or just want an excuse to eat and share pizza at work, food is another delicious gift for new employees. 

    Calling up a local food place and gorging on some great meals together is almost always a great time.

    Employees are reported to have a 50% gift preference with food too. While not as highly regarded as gift cards or unique, special gifts (76%), it’s still a crowd pleaser in most cases.

    Woodmark Edward Fountain Pen

    You can never go wrong with a pen as an office gift. It’s a classic gift for a reason, and is especially well-received when it’s elegant and timeless like the Woodmark Edward Fountain Pen. 

    You’re guaranteed a smooth writing experience with this pen, full stop. It also has a solid grip and comfortable weight that can make you feel like you’re writing on the finest and smoothest paper in existence. 

    The larger space on the barrel allows you to engrave any name or message for your co-worker. 

    Product Features:

  • It’s a capped medium nib fountain pen with an ink converter
  • Comes with two black starter cartridges
  • 18-karat gold detailing with a rosewood barrel and black lacquer accents 
  • Packaged in a beautiful Dayspring Pens gift box
  • Gold customizable message engraving

  • Buy the Woodmark Edward Fountain Pen.

    Cross Leather Journal

    Cross Ballpoint Pen and Journal Set

    If the person is a notorious note taker, you can’t go wrong with this leather journal. 

    The journal comes with a slot for a Cross slim pen in the spine and elastic band to keep the journal closed. 

    It’s a great gift for both new members of the organizations and those who’ve been promoted alike.

    Product Features:

  • 6 inch x 8 inch leather journal
  • Leather binding with state of the art stitching
  • Lined paper  
  • The inner spine features a reinforced pen slot
  • Personalized embossing available

  • Buy the Cross Journal Set here.

    Engraved Woodmark Rosewood Desk Name Plate with Business Card Holder

    Woodmark Rosewood Desk Name Plate with Business Card Holder

    Nothing gets more personalized than a custom-made nameplate engraving of your new coworker. 

    Aside from having their name showcased in gold lettering, this name plate also has with a holder for their business cards. It is a symbol of esteem and acclaim that your coworker will find pride in owning. 

    Product Features:

  • A desk wedge with a glossy, brown rosewood finish
  • A brilliant gold nameplate engraving against a glossy black finish 

  • Buy the Engraved Woodmark Rosewood Desk Name Plate with Business Card Holder.

    Practical Office Gift Ideas Your Coworker Will Love 

    They say people never forget how you made them feel, that’s why getting them a thoughtful gift goes a long way. 

    At the same time, you don’t want to overstep your boundaries—you want a gift that’s both personal and professional.

    That’s where DaySpring Pens saves the day: We have a great selection of personalized and corporate gift pens for any occasion. 

    Whatever the occasion, you can always find the perfect pens and other gifts for the office among our wide collection. Get the perfect item for your coworker today.

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