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A Comparative Guide to Gift Pens That Grow Your Business (2022)

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Do you know a guaranteed way of keeping your employees content—one that requires little effort but offers great value nonetheless?

You guessed it—thoughtful office gifts.

With many professional gifting possibilities online, sorting the forgettable from the incredible can be crucial to setting your business up for success.

In this gift guide, we’ll compare some of the most thoughtful office gifts you can give your coworkers and bosses, as well as give some tips on what to look for.

Let’s hop right in!

Pro Tip: Personalize Your Gifts for the Best Impression!

Gift giving with random items you purchase from online stores may turn out great, sure.

But you can achieve even more value by giving your recipient something custom-made, specifically for them.

A good 80% of customers are more willing to buy a product or rent a service from a brand that offers personalization services.

Why, you may ask?

It’s because these gifts are personal.

personalized gifts communicate deeper value and extend a heartfelt gesture, going beyond clicking a few buttons online. It’s an act of service that can give recipients a high, joyous feeling for a very long time.

With customizability, office gifts increase their value simply by having a unique touch.

With a sizable interest in customizability, office gifts increase their value simply by having a unique touch.

We at Dayspring Pens bring personalized office gift ideas to the office desk’s centerpiece.

Feeling Pen-sive Over the Lack of Office Gift Ideas for Coworkers?

Don’t worry. While wooden frames, a brand new shirt, or a box of donuts would make any coworker happy, pens are desk tools that they’ll be sure to use every day.

Not to state the obvious, but while a box of mouthwateringly sweet jam donuts last for a day; pens last for much, much longer.

Their functionality and ease of purchase make them the perfect solution for easy, yet thoughtful gifts.

Let’s browse through a list of fine pens that’ll serve as great and functional gifts for you and your coworkers.

Ballpoint Showoff: Parker Pens by Style vs Cross Pens 

Ballpoints are known for their versatility and being the top choice for a daily use pen. Say hello to Parker and Cross: Two marvelous pen brands which created top-of-the-line ballpoint pens.

Depending on your coworker’s job, they may love office gifts that can sit on their desk and always make their way to their fingers.

The ballpoint is great for that.

Parker IM Matte Blue Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Parker IM Matte Blue Retractable Ballpoint Pen

Product Features:

  • A click-action ballpoint pen with refillable black ink
  • Gorgeous chrome finish and a matte blue sheen
  • Comes packed in a Parker brand gift box
  • A brass custom engraving layer available for free
  • Comes in a 2-year Parker mechanical warranty
  • Gift for men, women, children, engineers, and medical professionals

  • The Parker IM Ballpoint excels in flaunting superior comfort and ease of use. The shiny one-tone exterior gives the pen a distinct, captivating, and casual style, making it a reliable choice for most writers.

    Buy the Parker IM Retractable Ballpoint Pen today.

    Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen—Lustrous Chrome

    Calais Chrome Ballpoint

    Product Features:

  • Twist action ballpoint pen with black ink
  • A beautiful, one-tone, clean and lustrous chrome finish
  • Packaged in a Cross brand gift box
  • Custom engravings are a light brass
  • Comes in a Cross Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Great gift for men, women, graduation, business, and corporate orders with a logo

  • The Cross Calais sports a stunningly sleek design that propels it to the top of the best-seller's list in Dayspring Pens. With the Calais pen, there’s comfort in gripping the pen with relative ease. At a low price point, this no-frills pen is a perfect gift for coworkers who are searching for reliability and affordability in one pen-shaped package.

    Buy the Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen now.

    Fountain Pen Showoff: Alexandria Fountain Pen vs Noble Fountain Pen

    Fountain pens are known for their functional and luxurious profiles. They can be used for signing checks and documents, as well as sizing up formidably well as daily use pens.

    Two pen brands competing in neck-and-neck action in this arena are Alexandria and Noble. Let’s see how they stack up.

    Alexandria Fountain Pen

    Alexandria Blue Fountain Pen

    Product Features:

  • Stainless steel nib fountain pen with two black ink cartridges and an ink converter
  • Gold accents with a blue lacquer shine
  • Packaged safely in a Dayspring Pens gift box
  • Personalized message engraved in the pen with a laser
  • Ideal gift for men, women, graduates, professionals, executives, and coworkers

  • Don't go around and change a single thing about the Alexandria Fountain Pen; you may ruin the delicate balance in value that makes the pen so worthwhile. This pen is incredibly easy to use due to its ergonomic grip. Give this unique gift to your coworkers, and they'll be sure to treasure it forever.

    Buy your Alexandria Fountain Pen here.

    Noble Fountain Pen

    Noble Fountain Pen

    Product Features:

  • Medium-sized nib fountain pen with two black starter cartridges and an ink converter
  • A brushed metallic finish with golden appointments 
  • Comes in a sealed Dayspring Pens gift box
  • Personalized custom engraving comes in a light brass tone
  • A great gift for men, women, corporate, promotional giveaways, and for company logo purposes

  • The Noble fountain pen is affordable and has handsome finishes, making it a great looker and a perfect gift. The nib quality is excellent, and the lightweight build of the pen makes the writing experience smooth and easy. You can't go wrong with gifting this pen to friends.

    Buy the Noble Fountain Pen today.

    Rollerball Pen Showoff: Cross Bailey Medalist Selectip Rollerball vs Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball Pen

    The Rollerball is unique amongst other pens due to its hybrid properties; it sports a special ballpoint-like mechanism as well as its own fountain pen-like, liquid-based ink.

    Cross and Waterman Hemisphere are two of the top contenders in this field. Let’s look at their offerings.

    Cross Bailey Medalist Selectip Rollerball

    Cross Bailey Medalist Selectip Rollerball

    Product Features:

  • Medium nibbed and capped; rollerball with black ink
  • Shiny chrome sheen and 23 karat gold-plated appointments 
  • Ships in a high-quality Cross gift box
  • Customized personal engravings are brass-toned
  • Cross guarantees a Lifetime Mechanical Warranty 
  • The perfect gift for men, women, coworkers, corporate logos, celebrations, and office desks

  • The Cross Bailey Rollerball Pen comes with a brilliant 23 karat gold appointment, exuding class and luxury in its gorgeous exterior. Pressed against paper, even the gentlest touch of this fountain pen can deliver the right splash of liquid-based ink. A good desk sitter for any wordsmith.

    Buy the Cross Bailey Rollerball Pen.

    Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball Pen

    Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball Black with Gold Trim

    Product Features:

  • Rollerball pen with a cap and black ink
  • A 23 karat gold-plated iconic Waterman accent on a sleek black lacquer finish
  • Gorgeous personalized engraved gold message for the first line for free
  • Three-year Waterman warranty against defects or workmanship
  • One of the ideal gifts for coworkers, men or women, or for lounging in the office desk area

  • This pen is branded as an executive pen for its air of luxury. The Waterman features a unique angled cap and a fine black lacquered finish plated with yellow gold. On top of that, its long-lasting and consistent ink flow adds a layer of functionality as well. Its devilishly good looks make it one of the greatest gifts for coworkers.

    Buy the Waterman Hemisphere Rollerball Pen now.

    A World of Options at Dayspring Pens 

    Whether you’re looking for affordable gifts, or more deluxe options for your premium customers, Dayspring Pens offers you the perfect way to appreciate your patrons and employees. 

    Choose from a variety of styles, shapes, and colors to find something that’s personal in choice and customization. 

    Browse our wide collection to find the perfect gift today.

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