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Buying Engraved Pens at Dayspring Pens (2022)

personalized Waterman pens and Dayspring pens on laser engraved journal

You might be wondering who Dayspring Pens is and what we do. Or! You could know a little bit about us and just want to know more.

This article is going to answer (or die trying!) all your questions about Dayspring Pens.

From how they started to what they sell to the frequently asked questions they get, I am going to tackle it all.

Where to begin... at the beginning, of course!

A Brief History of Dayspring Pens

Started in 1994 by Ray Hughes (ask Daniel), Dayspring Pens began not as an online engraving company, but as a little craft pen tooling business out of Ray's basement. A pastor looking to earn a little extra income on the side, he took his hobby of hand tooling wood pens for friends and family to craft shows.

There he discovered a whole bunch of artisans making beautiful pens, so he started working with these artists to sell their products online.

One day, he received a call from a business looking to purchase some name brand luxury engraved pens a gifts for their employees. With this call, a seed was planted and fast forward 20 years to a business that now works to engrave and personalized luxury pens based totally online.

In 2018, Ray decided to retire passing the business to the current president, Daniel Whitehouse, and moving the business from Ray's basement in North Carolina to its own space in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

What started as one man's labor of love quickly blossomed.

Today, Dayspring Pens has turned into a thriving business serving both individuals and corporations by crafting personalized engraved pens. We serve tens of thousands of amazing customers every year.

What does Dayspring Pens do?

Dayspring Pens engraves luxury pens.

These are predominately pens from premium brands like the Cross, Waterman, and Parker brands, but we also manufacture and engrave a small selection of our own brand of pens.

Does Dayspring Pens Engrave anything else?

Aside from pens, we also engrave some desk sets and laser pointers.

Check out my other article on the subject here.

Pen Engraving

Dayspring Pens mainly engrave pens made of two materials: metal and wood.

For a complete overview of our engraving process, check out my other article on the subject here.

Engraving Metal Pens

Our selection of metal pens is the largest and spans a wide range of budget-friendly and luxury prices.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a lighting-fast turnaround (4-5 business days, or 1 business day with Rush Production) on deep cut color fill engraving. Our competitors take weeks to do the same.

Engraving Wood Pens

We also have a selection of wood pens that offer an affordable, rustic, and classy option for your gift pen needs.

Our wood pens come with the option of gold fill engraving that is sure to stand out.

What does Dayspring Pens sell?

Here are the brands we represent and a little bit of info about them.

A.T. Cross

Cross Townsend Black and Gold Ballpoint with engraving

A.T. Cross is 'Merica's pen company, born and raised in the USA.

They are well known for their Classic Century pen.

Cross is the pen company of Presidents: Regan, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Biden have all used Cross pens as their official signing pens. (Trump briefly used Cross before switching to his infamous Sharpie.)

Parker Pens

Parker IM Blue Rollerball Pen with personalized engraving

Parker Pens started in America, but famously moved to the UK and is now...drumroll please...back in the US! The Parker Jotter ballpoint was one of the go-to ballpoint pens for over 50 years.

Fun facts: The Parker 51 fountain pen is the most widely used model of fountain pen in history!

And! JFK's favorite pen was the Parker Jotter.

Waterman Pen Company

Waterman Hemisphere Black and Gold Ballpoint Pen with engraving

Headquartered and manufactured in France, Waterman's luxury pens are synonymous with quality and reliability.

They are responsible for innovating the feeder of the fountain pen (the thing that draws the ink from the reservoir to the nib).

Where some of the historic pen company's have suffered from a decline in quality, Waterman has alway maintained its level of excellence. They are just really solid pens.

I started using a Waterman Exception, and I am kind of mad about how much I love this pen.

Dayspring Pens Brand

Dayspring Pens Black Arizona Fountain Pen with lawyer's custom engraving

In 2019, Dayspring Pens went back to its roots and started manufacturing some pens of its own.

Currently our value line options, these pens are affordable work horses that you won't mind displaying on your desk.

Howard Miller

Howard Miller Personalized Desk Set

Howard Miller clocks are the classiest of desk additions.

Son of Herman Miller, the famous furniture designer, Howard Miller began crafting quality time pieces in 1926.

The business is still family-run to this day.


Z-Bolt is a Portland-based laser manufacturer crafting military-grade laser indicator products.

At Dayspring Pens, we offer their civilian-model laser pointers with custom engraving.

These personalized items make the perfect gift for graduations and job promotions, and they're useful tools for professors and other professionals who tend to give presentations of various kinds.

What are Dayspring Pens best sellers?

Our top 7 best sellers are:

  1. Cross Calais
  2. Dayspring Pens Monroe
  3. Cross Bailey
  4. Cross Classic Century
  5. Daysping Pens Lumen
  6. Parker Jotter
  7. Waterman Hemisphere


Let's take a closer look at why our customers (and our staff) love these pens:

1.) Cross Calais

Calais Chrome and Calais Blue Ballpoints Engraved

The Cross Calais is our #1 best seller.

Here's why:

  1. The Calais looks really classy: the minimal, cigar-like design stands out.
  2. It's SUPER affordable: The chrome Calais ballpoint starts at $26.99.
  3. It's incredibly reliable: in any writing style (whether a ballpoint or a fountain pen), the Calais is an efficient writing tool, and it comes with a Cross-guaranteed lifetime warranty, so if there's ever a problem with the pen, you can get it fixed for free.
For these three reasons, our customers are consistently satisfied with this elegant, affordable, and trusty luxury pen: The Cross Calais.

2.) Dayspring Pens Monroe

Monroe Gold Ballpoint

Our very own Monroe comes in at #2 on our list of best sellers.

Here's why:

  1. The Monroe pens are one of the best pens for the price point: you can get either a single ballpoint for $19.99 or a ballpoint of mechanical pencil set starting around $25.99 (that's a dollar cheaper than a single Calais).
  2. The engraving is SO clean and clear: the Monroe pens are an affordable way to make a big impression, and that's because the custom engraving mark is consistently of the best quality. It stands out, and it makes the pen really special as a personalized gift.
That's why our customers keep coming back for more Monroe pens!

3.) Cross Bailey

Cross Bailey pen

The Cross Bailey pen comes in at #3 on our list because...

  1. The Bailey takes the next step in luxury from the Cross Calais: the regal design with the ribbed appointments between the cap and the barrel give it a huge boost in aesthetic stature.
  2. It remains one of the most affordable pens in our selection of Cross products: the starting price for Bailey ballpoint is around $39.99.
  3. Like all Cross products, The Bailey comes with a lifetime warranty.
  4. As a gift, the Bailey makes the biggest impression without breaking your bank: it fits really special occasions as much as it fits the daily needs of any writer or professional.
Overall, the Bailey has a lot of bang for less buck. That's what makes it so popular.

4.) Cross Classic Century

Cross Classic Century Chrome and Gold Ballpoint Pen

At #4, we have the Cross Classic Century.

Our customers LOVE this pen because...

  1. The design of the Classic Century is impeccable: the aesthetics of the pen are really subtle, but various aspects fo the pen all fit together, resulting in one high-quality writing tool. It's the perfect example of form and function working properly together.
  2. The barrel size is slimmer than the Calais or the Bailey: slim barrels appeal to a lot of writers because a larger pen can feel a bit cumbersome to various writers. Between the subtle ribbing down the length of the barrel and the lightness of the pen, it means you don't have to squeeze or claw your fingers together to get ink to paper. It's comfortable and doesn't overtax your writing hand.
  3. The Cross lifetime warranty.
  4. It still falls within a super affordable range of luxury pens: The chrome Classic Century ballpoint starts around $37.99, making it a little more than the Calais ($26.99 and up), but less than the Bailey ($39.99 and up).
When it comes to value, design, and efficiency, it's the Classic Century.

5.) Dayspring Pens Lumen

Blue Engraved Lumen Ballpoint

Our very own Lumen pen is #5 in the list of best-selling personalized pen products.

It's really simple why:

  1. The Lumen is just fun!: Your engraving lights up with the click!
  2. It's multifunctional: The Lumen has a stylus tip on the back of the barrel, so you can use it for all your touchscreen electronics too!
  3. It's affordable: The Lumen only costs $13.99. I've seen a lot of customers get them for multiple friends at one time because it costs so little to make a good impression with a personalized pen
  4. It makes a great promotional item: Because they're so cheap, Lumens make great corporate gifts in bulk and can act as promotional gifts for your small business or startup.

All this is what makes the Lumen a go-to pen.

6.) Parker Jotter

Parker Jotter Chrome Gel Ink Click Pen with personalized engraving

Not only is the Parker Jotter a favorite of our customers, it's a favorite with the Dayspring Pens staff.

There's so many reasons to love the Jotter. Here's just a few:

  1. The Parker Jotter has a timeless design: It's a simple, elegant pen with the iconic Parker arrow design etched into the clip.
  2. It's effortless writing experience: The Jotter comes standard from Dayspring Pens as a gel ink pen, meaning it can write effortlessly and fluidly on any writing surface, even slick surfaces like business card stock. It's the perfect length for any hand and requires so little pressure to get the ink going. You'll feel like you're writing across the sky.
  3. The CLICK: If you're a fidgeter, this is the best aspect of the Jotter. The click is smooth and resonant—it's just SO satisfying.
  4. It's lightweight: The Jotter doesn't tax your hand for its ease.
  5. It's SUPER affordable: The starting price for the jotter is just $21.99 and the most expensive version is only a dollar more ($22.99)!
All this makes it really hard not just ADORE a personalized Parker Jotter.

7.) Waterman Hemisphere

Waterman Hemisphere ballpoint


The definition of classy pens: the Hemisphere comes in as the #7 best seller at Dayspring Pens.

This is another one of those pens of which both our customers and our staff can't get enough!

Here's why:

  1. The Hemisphere is just beautiful: The Hemisphere comes in a number of styles with different construction materials, each of them as gorgeous as the rest. With gold appointments, this pen just stands head and shoulders over the aesthetics of the other pens on the list.
  2. Any version of this pen (whether ballpoint, fountain pen, or rollerball) is effortless: Waterman is synonymous with craftsmanship and care, so the writing experience you get with one of these is hard to match and has its own unique, Waterman feel.
  3. The most expensive pen on our list is worth every penny: While this is the most expensive pen on the list (starting around $57.99), you're not just the overall craftsmanship and writing experience
  4. It's the professional's pen: Because of it's class and worth, corporate professionals can have a lot of confidence that this pen will communicate the value of their work to clients and employees.
  5. A personalized engraving only makes this pen look even more amazing: The engraving on a black Waterman is just... *chef's kiss*. It comes out in clear gold to match the gold appointments.
That's why our customers feel great going big with the Waterman Hemisphere!


What does the engraving look like?

Different pen materials means different textures of engraving marks. It varies pen-by-pen, but these are some general guidelines.

Most chrome and silver pens will come out tone-on-tone. The engraving itself will look grey or brassy over chrome or silver.

On most black lacquer pens, the engraving will come out gold.

Certain colored lacquers, like blue or red, have options for deep-cut color-filled engraving, so you can choose what color the engraving will be to compliment the lacquer.

Wood pen engravings come out standard in black, but you can also get them gold-filled.

What is the order process like at Dayspring Pens?

If you are familiar with purchasing online, a lot of this will seem just a wee bit familiar.

But all ordering processes can have its little quirks from different companies, so just in case I am going to walk you through it in 10 steps.

Say you've determined that you want to purchase a Calais Blue Ballpoint...

1. Select the type of engraving you want from the drop down menu. Standard Laser Engraving is the default and is free with every order. The other options are Logo or Signature Engraving for this pen.

2. Choose the number of lines of engraving for your planned text. The first line of 30 characters is free. A second line is an additional $2.99.

3. Type in your desired engraving. This should definitely be done with care and double check that everything is spelled correctly, punctuation and capitalization are just the way you like them, any abbreviations are correct, and that autocorrect didn’t turn the name Arthur into Art there. 

4. Next you will select the writing hand. Are they right or left handed? If the pen can be engraved left handed, the option will be available to you.

5. Select your font from Script, Block, and Times (Script is the default).

6. There is an option to upload a file. Ignore this option unless: 1.) You have selected Logo or Signature Engraving, 2.) you are purchasing multiple of the same style of pens with different names engraved (Say you are ordering 15 pens engraved individually for your coworkers; you can just upload the list of their names and adjust your quantity instead of submitting a pen for each person), or 3.) you need the production of your order completed and shipped out within one-business day, select the Rush button (incurs an added $2.99 fee).

7. Next, check out the sections for a gift note (printed on a Dayspring Pens gift letter) or any additional instructions. 

8. There is also an option to send extra ink refills with your order. You will be able to select between a name brand refill or a generic refill in blue or black if those refills are available for your order. 

9. There is a little box for quantity. Dayspring Pens does have a quantity discount when you are ordering more than one pen of the same style.

Please note: The quantity discount applies to individual styles of pen. That is, if you order 10 Calais blue ballpoints, you would get the discount for that pen style, but if you order ten pens of ten varying styles, the discount would not apply. Quantity discounts are proprietary to each brand and pen style so make sure to see what check the discount for the pen you want.

10. Finally, add your purchase the the cart and confirm your purchase. Checking out will be all be the normal stuff, shipping address, billing information, order confirmation, etc. 

Huzzah! You have now ordered a custom engraved pen! Or clock! Or Laser Pointer! Or Desk Set!

2 Key Engraving Policies: Typos and Profanity

There's 2 key engraving policies we have of which you should be aware before confirming your order:

1.) Dayspring Pens has a very firm “we engrave EXACTLY what is submitted” policy.

To understand why here’s a little personal story of mine:

A customer submitted an order that said "Love Big Daddu". Seeing as Daddy is a common nickname and the y and the u are next to each other on the keyboard, I thought, “Surely this is meant to be 'Big Daddy.'” I went ahead and changed the engraving.

5 days later I discovered just how wrong I was.

When the customer contacted me to inform me that it was in fact "Big Daddu," and that it was deeply inappropriate of me to think it should have been "Big Daddy".

I was definitely at fault on this one, but it taught me the uncomfortable lesson: engrave whatever a customer inputs. Only the customer knows the REAL difference between the y and the u.

2.) Dayspring Pens will not engrave any profanity or derogatory terms even if they are abbreviated.

(We all know what "AF" stands for. Especially when the engraving says something like "Cool AF". The likelihood of that being someone’s name or abbreviated professional title are oooooooohhh soooooooooo limited.)

I think the reasons we don't do profanity make pretty simple sense: we don't want anyone to be cruel to anyone else using our products.

But it's also due simply to contractual obligations with our brands. Cross, Parker, and Waterman have very strict rules on what can be engraved on their products. 

Good rule of thumb: Would you give your mother a gift with that engraved on it? 

What is included when I buy from Dayspring Pens?

Cross Deluxe Pen Box

When you order from Dayspring Pens, you'll get your newly personalized pen along with a pen box.

Each brand of pens comes standard with its own branded box, so if you order a Waterman, you'll get a Waterman box; if you buy a Parker, you'll get a Parker box, and so on.

Aside from these, you'll get your order receipt. Keep this in case there's any problem with your order, and if there is, please contact us ASAP so that we can address it and hopefully get everything squared away for you in record time.

Does Dayspring Pens serve corporate clients?


What are Logo engravings?

Cross Calais Blue and Chrome Ballpoint with corporate logo engraving

Logo engravings are a special service we offer at Dayspring Pens to help promote corporate clients.

You can get your company's logo on a set of pens for promotional purposes or for in-house gifts for employees.

Here's some things you should know before you get a logo engraving:
  1. They have a minimum order count for logo engraving: you've got to order at least 12 personalized items. 
  2. Your first logo engraving will have a one-time setup fee of $25.00, but if you make another order later, there's no extra charge!
  3. Proofs are free by request for corporate orders. This includes an initial proof and 2 revisions. Any more proof than that cost an added $15 each.


How do I get my company logo engraved on a pen?

To get a logo engraving, simply do the following two steps:

  1. When you buy your pens, select the Logo Engraving option.
  2. Upload a vector file of your logo (like an EPS or AI file). If you do not have a vector file of your desired logo, upload a high-resolution JPG instead. Our art department can re-trace it for you if necessary. And don't worry, we'll send you a final proof for your approval before we fulfill your total order.
  3. Email us if you have questions along the way, and we'll happily talk to you about it.


What are Signature engravings?

I love signature engravings. I think they are by far the coolest thing Dayspring Pens offers. They are so personal, so unique, and they just look so snazzy on the pen. 

Signature engravings allow you to upload an image of a signature (or a little, tiny handwritten note) which will then be engraved on the pen. 

There is a one-time $25 fee per signature.


Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen with signature engraving


How do I get my signature engraved on a pen?

Tips for your signature:

  1. Use a very dark ink pen (like a sharpie) to write your signature. 
  2. Take a picture or scan the page with the signature into your phone or computer (you can use the Adobe Scan app or Evernote's Scannable).
  3. Avoid using lined paper. The lines will disrupt the rendering process of the design, causing a line in the engraving.
  4. The higher the resolution, the better.


Which John's signature should I get on my pen: Hancock or Lennon?

If you are interested in a neat signature idea, but not necessarily your own, Dayspring Pens has some really cool options! 

If a signature of a person from history has entered the public domain, like John Hancock, we are able to engrave it on the pen for you! 

If there is a certain person’s signature you want, check if it's in the public domain by emailing . If we already have the signature on file, you won’t have to pay the same fee as an original rendering. 

Here's great gift option for a fan of Charles Dickens: A beautiful copy of A Christmas Carol with a pen engraved with Dickens' super cool signature! (Engrave a scratched pen with his signature for photo).

Dayspring Pens Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dayspring Pens' return policy?

It's listed on our website:

We want you to be happy with your product!
Within 30 days of your order, we offer a 100% refund if a product was faulty or damaged in shipping and replacement is out of the question. While extremely rare, if we make a mistake we will also refund or replace the item.
Since our orders are custom engraved specifically as you request, we do not accept preferential returns. Once the item is personalized for you, it cannot be reused or restocked. For our part, we will engrave the text exactly as entered, including capitalization and punctuation.


What is entailed with Free Shipping?

Dayspring Pens offers free standard shipping on all orders in the United States. If you are looking to get expedited shipping, that will be an additional charge with options available at checkout.

For their expedited options, they currently offer:

  • FedEx
  • Priority Mail
  • UPS

Standard packages will ship USPS or FedEx depending on weight.

What my options for international shipping?

International shipping does not fall under Dayspring's free shipping policy, so if you are shipping outside of the US just be aware you will have to pay for shipping.

Also, shipping timeframes are going to be much broader internationally. Expect 5-14 business days instead of 2-5.

Can I get samples?

Dayspring will send samples for orders over 50. If you have questions on that front, it's best to contact us at

Can I get proofs?

Proofs are available for any logo order or orders of $250+.

We will make up to three complimentary proofs and wait for your approval on the final one before the start of production. After the three free proofs, proofs are $15.

If you are looking for a proof on an individual order, you might run into a road block here.

Fortunately, Dayspring Pens' website and Amazon listings show an example of the engraving as you type it in. This should give you a great idea of what your pen will look like when it comes to you.

Can I bring something of my own to Dayspring Pens to have it engraved?

As a rule: no.

That being said, there are always special exceptions so contact Dayspring for any questions on that front.

Dayspring Pens has been know to engrave pens by our name brands that customer's send in. For example, if you have a vintage 10kt gold Classic Century, we would engrave it for a good cause and for a small fee.


All in all, that's the world of Dayspring Pens!

Now it's your turn!

Leave a comment below and tell us about your Dayspring Pens shopping experience!


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