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5 Reasons Why a Personalized Pen is the Best Gift for a Coworker (2022)

Person holding Cross Calais ballpoint personalized pen


Yayyy! An office birthday!

Your coworker is celebrating next week and they’re talking about bringing a giant cake to the office.

You're excited, it's gonna be a happy hour! But there's one problem—you can't think of a gift for them.

A greeting card is too simple, buying lunch is mundane, they’re already bringing a cake, and err... you don't know their shirt size. Besides, that's a little too personal.

Well, I'm glad you're here. Because I'm itching to tell you about a terrific gift idea for co-workers—personalized pens!

Cross Tech 2 Personalized pen gift for coworkers

Cross Tech2 Chrome Stylus Pen

Personalized pens are made with a uniqueness for their owner or recipient, this extra touch can be achieved with:  

  • A custom design
  • Clip emblems
  • Engraving or imprinting 

  • There really is no "best" custom pen, as they each have their unique purpose. However, our collections of engraved pens are of exceptional quality, and you can play with ideas for engraving. I'll cover all kinds of personalized pens here, with a focus on engraving. We'll explore:

  • Why personalized pens are thoughtful gift ideas for your coworkers 
  • How to make them even more appealing 
  • Where you can get one 

  • Whether it's a promotion, birthday, or Christmas season, you'll be singing congratulations with your best foot (gift) forward. Let's begin with the why. 

    1.) They Are Budget-friendly 


    Are you looking for inexpensive office gifts? Did you know you can get a pen at Dayspring for around $15? Our Lumen light up pen is a perfect example: 


    Lumen Light Up Pen - Red

    Lumen Light Up Pen - Red


    Personalized pens come in a range of prices. Simply choose the most convenient for your power bank of funds. Here are examples of good quality, yet affordable pens from Dayspring: 



    Price Range
    Cross Calais Ballpoint Pen Less than $30
    Woodmark Rosewood Pen & Pencil Gift Set Less than $35
    Parker Jotter Gel Pen Stainless Steel (Gold) Less than $30
    Monroe 18 carat Gold Plated Pen and Pencil Set Less than $35


    Monroe 18 karat Gold Plated Pen and Pencil Set

    Monroe 18 karat Gold Plated Pen and Pencil Set


    2.) No Bad Impressions With These Gift Ideas for Coworkers


    Corporate gifting could prove fruitful and strategic if practiced with the right etiquette. Be careful, though, one of the fastest ways to find yourself in a sticky situation is with the wrong present like:

  • An over-the-top item that suggests something beyond a professional relationship 
  • An item that demeans race, sex, or religion
  • An unthoughtful item 

  • With personalized pens, no one would take offense as they’re neutral and professional. By personalizing them, you'll be giving your gift the right amount of thought and care necessary for the corporate world.

    Read my article about fostering professional gift giving. In it, I've dived into interesting and helpful detail on healthy office behavior. 


    Edward Fountain Pen in Neutral colors like black, brown, silver, or gold

    Woodmark Edward Fountain Pen

    3.) People Love Personalized Products 


    Look around you—customized items are everywhere. Your best friend has a shirt with their name on it, your mom's coffee mug has her face on it. Even your neighbor's dog has a leash with its name on it. 

    People love them! Wonder why? Popular reviews prove that personalized products define people and make them feel unique.

    Here’s some mind-blowing data to further show how people are opting for custom goods and services these days: 

  • According to Dean Carnegie, a person's name is to them, "...the sweetest and most important sound in any language." 
  • Deloitte points out that over 50% of consumers will pay more to have an individualized good or service
  • "The personalized gift market size in the US is expected to reach a value of USD 2.01 billion, at a CAGR of 5.83% during 2021-2025," writes TechNavio

  • It's almost 100% certain that your coworker would love a custom gift. They’ll appreciate the thought and work you put into it. 

    4.) Your Coworker Would Appreciate The Class and Quality


    People don't just love personalized items, but quality and classy ones too. For example, a shirt may be customized yet unappealing if it's poorly made.

    Just because you want to remain professional doesn't mean you should downsize quality and style. If having a personalized pen in your shirt pocket isn't the definition of style, then I don't know what is.

    As for quality? Opt for engraving or clip emblems. These personalization types are more durable. Additionally, they’re best done on luxury pens, so the pen itself is a good grade by default.

    5.) Who Doesn't Need a Pen in the Office? 


    No matter how digital the universe gets, we'll still need to sign, scribble, and take notes. Especially in the corporate world.

    As reported by the BBC, Iron Mountain estimated that only about 1% of offices have actually gone 100% digital.

    "Paper will always be around. It helps express a fundamental part of human experience," —Arrigo Berni, Chief Executive of Italian notebook maker, Moleskine (derived from BBC)

    But don't go thinking pens are so last century—they'll come in handy at some point. Your office still has a storeroom full of pens and papers, am I right?

    Your coworker would be more motivated to use one that's personalized, sleek and classy. You might even induce a flair for writing through this gift!


    How to Further Step Up This Great Gift Idea 


    Maybe you’re still not convinced. You think pens are boring, even with personalization. Well then, let’s talk a bit about how to spice up these gift ideas for coworkers. 

    Play with Your Inscription 


    As mentioned earlier, engraving allows you to explore. It doesn't have to be your recipient's name inscribed on the pen, it could also be:

  • Their signature
  • A short quote to keep them inspired at work. e.g., "Dream big,” "Be happy,” "Stay confident,” or  "Keep up the hard work.,”
  • Their position at work, with a touch of creativity, e.g., "Tech guru,” or "Office Santa."

  • The last two ideas may come across as generic, like you only took the pen off the shelf. For a personal touch, include their name. For example, "Dream big, Clara Perkins'' or "Finance expert Jesse Windsor."

    As an alternative for engraving, you could try clip emblems. This personalization style is like the miniature version of engraving or imprinting. However, there’s limited room for words, so they’re mostly used for logo branding.

    For corporate gifting between coworkers, clip emblems could also prove fruitful. For example, if your coworker is in the technical department, you could design an icon that represents tech—then incorporate the icon onto an emblem. 


    Personalized pen Clip Emblems

    Decoration Styles

    Leverage Their Handwriting 


    Imagine seeing your handwriting on a pen. Dazzling!

    Get your coworker to jot a handwritten note of their name or any other inscription you want on the pen. Then we'll get it engraved!

    You can’t get much more personal than their own handwriting.

    Add Some Accessories to These Gift Ideas


    Can a single pen or pen set really do justice to the occasion?

    First, the answer is yes! As we’ve discussed, personalized pens are professional, simple, courteous, and thoughtful enough. However, if you’re not satisfied with gifting one pen or a pen set, you could add a desk clock, pen holder, or journal.  


    Gift set: Cross Pen and journal

    Cross Classic Ballpoint Pen & Journal Gift Set

    Let's Get This Corporate Party Started!


    The cake is ready, candies are available for the office sweet-tooth, and everyone is anticipating the party. We hope you can find the best gift for your coworker at Dayspring Pens.

    Are you still thinking about what type of pen to buy? I know what that feels like, so here are some helpful articles to guide you through the process:

  • How to Choose a Luxury Gift Pen
  • 13 Best-selling Personalized Pens

  • Our pens come in gift boxes, so you only need to receive your celebrant’s order and place it on their desk. If you live in the US, your purchase will be easily delivered (for free) between 2–4 days.


    Let us know about your favorite gift pens in the comments below!



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