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How to Perfectly Personalize Your Promotional Pens (2021)

pen top of the planning note

Promotional pens may not seem like a hot ticket item to include in your marketing and promotion efforts. Admittedly, they lack a certain sex appeal. Still, they’re a timeless and time-tested piece included in many marketing toolkits.

Why is that?

Well, for several reasons. Promotional pens are:

  • Useful. Everyone needs writing instruments.
  • Universal. You don’t have to worry about size, gender identity, age, or any other individual characteristic. One size fits all recipients.
  • Economical. Personalized pens in bulk are much less expensive than other promotional products.
  • Unique. No one but you can create branded pens with your business logo, name, and colors. Even the style of pen you choose to give away says something about you and your company.
  • Small and easy to give. You can tuck them away in a gift bag or basket. Mail them out in lumpy promotional packages. Hand them around at trade shows or conferences. And you can offer them to clients and customers from a jar right there at the front desk.
  • Sharp and stylish. Our executive gift pen line includes many models that the boss types don’t mind hanging on to and using, even in front of their clients and prospects.

With all that in mind, today we’ll be looking at how to create your perfect customisable pens. Specifically:

By the time we’ve finished, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to order just the perfect personalized pens for your executive clients and prospects. We’ll soon have you promoting your products or services in impeccable, unmatchable style.

What Information Goes on a Personalized Pen?

To answer the question, “what to put on your custom pens”, we need to ask another question:

What is the most recognizable and memorable aspect of your business? What do you need your executive clients and prospects to remember about you? What do they already know and remember?

Is it:

  • Your logo - Everyone instantly recognizes the Golden Arches, KFC, and the Kool-Aid Man.
  • Your name and other information - They remember your name, but can they recall your address and phone number?
  • Your branded colors - Pepsi has changed their logo multiple times over the years, but the classic red, white, and blue has always remained.

Settling this question is where to begin with your branded pens. 

A full-color logo placed on the side of the pen may be all you need. The image below shows just how distinctive and classy your pen can look simply bearing your company’s logo.

Chrome Calais
Logo Engraving Information

You might not believe it, but certain people out there actually study promotional stuff like pens, cups, and calendars that businesses give away. One such group is ASI, the Advertising Specialty Institute.

They found some interesting things about promotional pens. That pen from your dentist or car mechanic that you hang on to? You’re not alone in keeping it, as insignificant as it may seem.

ASI reported in 2019 that 89% of consumers own at least one promotional or branded pen. They keep them for up to 9 months, and in that time, see the business information advertised up to 3000 times.

At some point before the 3000th time, your name, address, and/or phone number should become quite familiar to this prospective client — at which point, they’ll decide to hire, schedule a visit, or buy from you.

When it comes to branded colors, we may have you covered. Since we deal in executive pens, not all of our customizable pens come in every color of the rainbow. Our consultants can help you discover whether your company’s branded colors are available in our executive business gift line.

Where to Place Your Information on Your Custom Pens?

You’ve settled on what to put on your pens, now you just need to decide where that information will go.

You basically have two choices when it comes to that information placement - left or right.

This image shows a right-facing personalization.

Waterman perspective pen

Executive Business Gift Pens with Logo Decorations

The branding is all on the right side when holding the pen so it can be easily read. If you are right-handed, this is how you will hold the pen whenever you are writing with it.

A left-facing personalized pen is just the opposite — the branding is located on the left side when held. Left-handed people will hold the pen such that they can read the writing when they’re using it.

Most all personalization and branding are placed on the cap or near the end of the pen, away from the writing tip. You can, however, simply personalize the pen clip, as shown in the image below.

Pen clip engraving and branding gives a bit of a different style to your promotional pen that some executives may view as a classy touch. 

Cross pen with custom logo emblem

Executive Business Gift Pens with Logo Decorations

You can’t fit a whole lot of branding on a pen clip, but for those who don’t need more than a name or image, it is a rather unique choice you don’t see every day in custom pens. If all you need are logo pens, then this might be the right choice for you.

What Type of Pens Make the Best Promotional Products?

Since we’ve seen through ASI’s research that the average consumer holds on to those business pens for quite a while, what type of pen you choose for your promotional pen is of great importance.

For your customers to want to keep the pen you give them, it’ll have to be one that they want to use over and over again. Otherwise, it’ll get stuck in a drawer or tossed in a bin and forgotten, and your business along with it.

For executives, that means something fancier and more distinct than your average ballpoint.

It should be something that writes smoothly, fits their hand nicely to avoid writing fatigue, and still promotes your brand effectively.

Logo pens, for example, should use a medium barrel width for larger logos. You don’t want your logo wrapped around a smaller pen barrel, making the pen logo unrecognizable.

You also don’t want such a large pen that your one-line name looks lost, alone, and out of place.

Just as with logo pens, the style of the pen should work with your intended engraving.

Dayspring’s Personalized Promotional Pens

Here at Dayspring, we know executive pens. It’s what we do. Many of our pen lines and models allow for the customization you want in a company branded pen.

The three pens used in the image examples in this article all come from one of our Cross pen lines. As you can see, each pen makes a perfect promotional pen to give to your executive clients and customers.

Or choose a pen from our Waterman, Monroe, Woodmark, or Parker lines. Some of them are even available as a one-day rush order.

And that’s your first step - choosing the pen you want to order.

Your next step is to choose which information you’ll have engraved on each pen. Simply provide us with that information on the order page.

Then, if you are including a logo on each pen, we’ll need a copy via PDF or image file.

Lastly, you’ll need to tell us how many pens you’re ordering. We have a 12 item minimum on all bulk orders, so please keep that in mind.

From there, it’s on to entering your payment and shipping information and you’re done.

We will send you a proof copy to inspect and approve before we begin production of your custom branded pens.

Soon, your perfect personalized promotional pens from Dayspring will be on their way to you.

Don’t hesitate. Get started in that promotional effort today.


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