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6 Personalized Pens the Dayspring Pens Staff Prefer (2022)

Finding the right gift pen can be really challenging.

It's hard to know who to trust for an honest appraisal of different pens, and just because a pen is popular isn't always a sign that it's actually all that great.

Sometimes what you need is the help of some expert advice from people who consistently use their favorite pen every day.

That's why I've compiled a list of our company staff's favorite engraved pens.

We use the pens we sell every day, we use these pens every day, and we think they make the best custom gifts for any loved one.

To go along with this list, I've also compiled a list of our best sellers to find out why our customers consistently choose their quality custom pens.

In your search for high-quality custom gifts, we hope this list can help.

Let's jump in!


Dayspring Pens Staff Picks for Great Custom Engraved Pens

Daniel's Pick: Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint

Man with watch signs important documents with a Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint in black and gold with personalized engraving

Daniel is Dayspring Pens' CEO. He's the brains behind the company, and he runs the show.

Daniel likes to use the the very special, very regal Waterman Hemisphere Ballpoint.

Here's why:

  1. The weight and balance of the pen make it feel really solid and versatile in the hand.
  2. The design is minimalist, but nevertheless communicates a kind of "stature" that Daniel really likes.
  3. The ink flow is incomparable: it just glides across the page.
  4. For the price, it's one of the best pens on the market.


Daniel and the rest of our staff are really enamored with the quality of this pen, and our customers are too! That's why the Hemisphere Ballpoint stands out among other ballpoint pens and is also one of our company best sellers.

If you're thinking about buying this pen, perhaps personalize it with your very own signature engraving.


TJ's Pick: Cross Tech 3+ Matte Finish

Cross Tech 3+

TJ is the Director of Digital Acquisition for Dayspring Pens. He develops and strategizes so all of our helpful online content. He's basically the Michael W. Smith of our company, helping us find our place in this world of e-commerce.

TJ's favorite pen is the Cross Tech 3+.

Here's the reasons he loves it:

  1. It's super functional: The Tech 3+ offers a twist-action cycling mechanism that transforms a single pen into three different writing instruments (a black ballpoint, a red ballpoint, and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil). It also has a stylus tip on the back for touchscreen navigation and interaction.
  2. The thinner barrel fits the hand really well: TJ just doesn't enjoy writing with a cigar-sized, corporate-style luxury pen because he likes function without overpacking the experience. The Tech 3+ synthesizes a whole bunch of different functions within a slim, sleek barrel design.
  3. The finish feels really good: This is definitely an underrated aspect of the pen. A bad finish can make even the best writing pen feel a little aggravating, but TJ loves the finish on these because it's the perfect balance between grippy and smooth.
  4. The weight is solid: Because of all the internal components, the pen is just a bit heavier than most pens in its size range. So it feels like your really wielding it, really writing with a tool and not just a fancy piece of luxury and gadgetry.

These are the reasons TJ says he loves his Tech 3+, and I think they're pretty solid reasons to go for a hyper-functional pen.

They make great gifts for loved ones who need multi-faceted use out of their personalized pens.

Ryan's Pick: Cross Century II Rollerball

Cross Century II rollerball in black and gold with personalized engraving resting on a notepad with sticky notes

Ryan is the Dayspring Pens' Production Manager. He oversees all the custom engraving done in the shop.

Ryan's favorite pen is the Cross Century II Rollerball.

His reasons are simple:

  1. "It just writes so good," he says. The ink flow is smooth and effortless.
  2. Ryan likes the weight: It's not heavy, but it also doesn't feel hollow and cheap.
  3. Ryan uses the the Century II Rollerball in black lacquer with gold appointments; he loves the look and style of that particular design. It just looks great, classy, and timeless.

Ryan keeps a number of these personalized pens around his work desk and uses them everyday.


Mary's Pick: Dayspring Pens Green Braxton

A woman writes with her custom engraved green Braxton rollerball

Mary has been on Dayspring Pens' production staff since day one. She's the person who makes your custom engraving look so good.

Mary prefers our house brand Braxton.

Here's why:

  1. It writes unbelievably smoothly: a Braxton set comes standard with a rollerball and a ballpoint pen. Both pens exceed every expectation and surpass most other pens worth two or three times the price of the Braxton.
  2. It comes at a super affordable price for such an enjoyable writing experience:
  3. The weight and barrel size are perfect: Mary says she doesn't have to adjust her grip a lot, so her hand is less tired over longer periods of writing.

That's why Mary's top choice of pen is the Braxton.


Samantha's Pick: Cross Townsend Black Gold Rollerball

 Cross Townsend Rollerball

Samantha wears a lot of hats around the Dayspring Pens office. She's a part of both production and digital staff. You can thank her for streamlining your purchasing experience.

The Cross Townsend is Sam's favorite pen. 

Here's the big reasons why Sam loves this pen:

  1. It's got a unique design: it just LOOKS and FEELS so cool. It's classic, refined, and looks down right impressive. It makes the pen really stand out, aesthetically speaking.
  2. Besides its looks, it has Waterman's signature smooth writing experience: Sam loves using the rollerball for that liquidy, rich, dark writing line. 
  3. Sam said: "I'm kind of mad about how much I love this pen. I tried it out thinking it would be overrated...but I just love it. It's the weight and balance of the pen that really get me. It's so perfectly weighted that I could write with it for hours without my hand cramping or feeling like I need to press harder."
  4. It can offer a general special feeling: it's not likely that you'll meet someone else with this pen, but if you did you'd have a surprising amount to talk about. Sign your name with one of these, and you'll feel like a mighty mogul.
  5. This pen is, in the words of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2, "luxurious and spacious." It's somewhere in the highest heights of luxury. It is definitely the most expensive pen in this list (around $150), but Sam thinks it's worth every penny if you're looking for something in that range.


Michael's Pick: Parker Jotter Gel Ink Pen

Engraved Parker Jotter chrome and gold click pen

I'm Michael, and I'm a digital content creator. I write blog articles and website copy, and I keep the office well-supplied with comical anecdotes at my own expense.

My favorite pen is the Parker Jotter gel ink pen.

The Jotter is another best seller we offer, and it also ranked #7 in The Strategist's List of the 100 Best Pens. I think it's obvious why, but here's why I love it:

  1. It's got a really solid body: It feels like the kind of thing I could use if I was running through a collapsing temple like Indiana Jones and I needed to prop a downward-closing door open in order to roll quickly underneath it and make my escape. It might also helpful if you find yourself in an enemy spaceship's trash compactor and need something to brace against the walls. The Parker Jotter: the right pen for when the walls are closing in.
  2. It's super lightweight without feeling cheap: There's almost no plastic in the pen, so it doesn't rattle like a cheap click pen.
  3. The CLICK: Probably the most satisfying part for me, a chronic fidgeter, is the resonance and satisfaction I feel just using the click action. Apologies to all the people who just simply CANNOT with people who click pens repeatedly.

Customer reviews of the Jotter pretty much tell the same story: personalize this this custom pen product, and you'll keep it forever.

Anyway, that's why I love my Jotter!


Frequently asked questions...

What should I get engraved on my personalized pens?

I've written a couple helpful articles: the first is on developing your own special engraving, but the second is an organized, complete list of engraving suggestions.

I'm in a rush, how do I get gift pens shipped to me fast?

If you're in a rush, there's a Rush Production option available for our pens, so our normal 2-5 business day production window is reduced to just 1 business day.

Also, consider getting priority or overnight shipping.

Does Dayspring Pens offer free shipping?

Yes, Dayspring Pens offers free standard shipping. Priority and overnight shipping cost extra.

International shipping likewise does not fall under Dayspring's free shipping policy, so if you are shipping outside of the US just be aware you will have to pay for shipping.

Also, shipping timeframes are going to be much broader internationally. Expect 5-14 business days instead of 2-5.

Can I send my pens to Dayspring Pens to have them engraved?

As a rule: no.

That being said, there are always special exceptions so contact Dayspring for any questions on that front.

Dayspring Pens has been know to engrave pens by our name brands that customer's send in. For example, if you have a vintage 10kt gold Classic Century, we would engrave it for a good cause and for a small fee.

Does Dayspring Pens offer engraved product options besides pens?

Yes, we also sell journals and desk sets...


These personalized items make the perfect gift for graduations and job promotions, and they're useful tools for professors and other professionals who tend to give presentations of various kinds.



That's it for our list of staff picks!

Let us know what you think and which pen you prefer in the comments!


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