In this part we will discuss the key to choosing the right pen for the right occasion.
Next time we will review the different kinds of options in gift pens that are out there.

Questions to help you find the right gift pen:

1.  How long I want the receiver to keep the pen?   Do you expect them to keep it a few months or is it a lifetime keepsake to mark a big event in their life

2. Do I need a life time warranty on pen?  Pens rarely break, usually the biggest issue is solved with a new refill in it.  But a warranty is a piece of mind especially for higher end pens.  All Cross pens have a lifetime mechanical warranty.

3. Do I want a themed gift?  For example, do I want a graduation pen with a graduation theme emblem of design on it?  Do I need company pen with a logo on them?

4. How much engraving do I need?  The thinner pens are best for one line of engraving, the medium or larger barrels can easily hold two lines.

5. Is it for a man or a woman?   I would not suggest that you be too concerned about this, we feel it is overstated.  With the exception of a very large pen, most all pens are used comfortably by men and ladies alike.  However, if you know for example that a lady prefers a thin pen, they you may want to start with the Cross Classic's.

Just a side note on this:  Most pens are basically the same length with in 1/4 inch at 5.75".  The diameter at the center vary.

6.  Where will the person use the pen the most?  Will they use it on their desk, and maybe keep it in the case?  Or will likely go in a purse or pocket or folder?  The size pen you choose should be keeping with where is it likely to be used.

7.  What is my budget?  If you have budget you need to stay within, then fortunately Dayspring Pens has a shop by price feature to list all the pens in your price range.

Ok, after you have an idea of what your goals are, it is time to shop!