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How Long Does It Take to Engrave A Gift?: Rush Gifts (2022)

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Time can slip away from you. It just happens.

But now that it’s crunch time, your gift-buying process isn’t just about finding the perfect gift — you need something that you can get your hands on ASAP.

But the gift should still feel special. So, what are good personalized gifts?

If you’re looking for an answer to that question, you’re off to a great start by arriving at Dayspring Pens. Over the past 25 years, we’ve shipped out hundreds of thousands of personalized pens and other custom gifts all over the world.

Free standard engraving is included with any pen purchase. This includes one line of customizable text on the cap of the pen, up to 25 characters in length.

These aren’t just gifts that are pulled off of a shelf. They’re made just for you. So, how much time is required for this level of personalization?

Standard engraving takes four to five business days. Then the product is shipped from our location in Virginia. Free standard shipping in the United States takes three to five business days — but that can be expedited by selecting a faster option at checkout.

So, your order will arrive in ten business days or less.

If you’re in a rush, you can make a Rush Production order for a lightning-fast process. We’ll discuss that more below. But first, let’s have a look at the engraving process that puts the finishing touches on your personalized gifts.

“The pen arrived surprisingly fast considering I had it personalized! It is in a nice box, ready to wrap. It made a beautiful gift for a special friend.” — Suezq, Five Star Verified Purchase, United States

What Is the Difference Between Customized and Personalized?

Technically speaking, customization refers to modifying a service in order to meet a customer’s needs. Personalization refers more to the anticipation of a customer’s needs, based on prior behavior.

So, your pens will be customized, because we’ll be designing your order based on your requests. However, we’re fond of both terms, because the personal touch is a point of pride in our engraving process.

Whichever way you look at it, engraving is designed to make a gift special. Here’s how it works: 

How the Best Personalized Gifts Are Engraved

Monroe Black Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil Set Engraved

Our pens have a minimum order requirement of one for personal name engraving. That means that personalization is available for individual gifts.

Here’s how it works. Most of our engraving is done with a fiber optic or CO2 laser engraving machine. These technologies make possible precise and permanent engraving on small spaces.

Unlike imprinting or pad printing, our engraving techniques create personalized text that will never fade or wear away. That’s why an engraved pen is a special gift that can last for a lifetime.

The engraving appears on the broad side of the cap, where it will be visible for right-handed writers.

Of course, 13%of Americans are left-handed. So, by request, the engraving can alternately appear on the opposite side of the cap so that it’s visible for lefties.

Your one line of customizable text includes up to 25 characters. Choose from one of our standardized engraving fonts — Block, Script, or Times fonts are available for all Waterman, Parker, Woodmark, and most Cross pens.

Cross pens are also eligible for deep cut, color-filled engraving in Block, Cursive, or Times font.

To learn more about our engraving process, be sure to read our Ultimate Guide to Personalized Laser Engraving.

"This arrived quicker than the promised date. It looks great, and my friend was happy to receive it as a gift. You can’t beat an engraved Cross Pen as a job promotion gift!" — ChiefTeacher, Five Star Verified Purchase, United States

Personalized Gifts When You’re in a Hurry: Rush Engraving and Delivery

We understand that sometimes you don’t have 10 days to wait for your gift to arrive.

It’s super common to procrastinate when considering a gift purchase. One study found that 76% of Christmas shoppers drag out the process up until the last minute.

Our shopping comes down to the wire for various reasons; we’re overwhelmed and busy, we’re perfectionists who can’t make a decision, or we prefer to do our best work while under a bit of pressure.

So, sometimes you really need that gift in a hurry. Like, yesterday.

But while we’ve mastered the art of lasers, we’re still working on time travel. Nevertheless, if time is a pressing issue, One Business Day Rush Production is available.

Rush production is possible for a wide variety of AT Cross, Parker, and Waterman pens. It’s the same customized engraving process — just a bit faster. Your personalized gifts will ship out within one business day of your order placement.

You can then speed up the final step by selecting the fastest shipping method at checkout. 

Personalized Gift Ideas for Colleagues, Father’s Day, and More

Rosewood Nameplate Engraved with Business Card Holder

Personalized/Engraved Woodmark Rosewood Desk

What are some thoughtful gifts? Some other gift ideas that provide a personal touch…

Well, personalized gift engraving isn’t limited to pens. Here are a few more customizable items that make great gifts for a wedding, graduation, promotion, or more:

  • Journals
  • Name plates
  • Clock and pen desk sets
  • Laser pointers
  • Stylus pens

  • These are great options for pen lovers who don’t need any more pens. Dayspring Pens' journals and desk sets include pen holders to store and showcase a favorite pen.

    Each custom gift comes with the same free engraving that’s included in our pens.

    And if your customized gifts are going out to an entire team, you’ll find discounts of up to 20% for bulk orders. Upload a list of names to have each item custom-engraved for each recipient.

    While we carry some other terrific gift products, engraved pens remain the focal point of our business. Our team has been developing its expertise in this field since the 1990s. You’ll see the difference in our quality, attention to detail, and customer service.

    You’ll find the finest pens, regardless of your preferred style: ballpoint, rollerball, fountain pen, or gel pen. We customize gift pens by Cross, Waterman, and Parker.

    Most of our pens are engraved in-house by our expert staff. This allows for a speedy process and total control over the production of your gifts so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

    Want to learn more about gifting custom pens? Check out our definitive guide to engraved pens.

    Visit our store today to explore gift ideas that perfectly suit your needs.

    “The pen was just perfect; the size & color of the engraving really made it look over the top! I purchased this pen as a gift for one of my doctors... I am quite sure the next time I see him, he'll have nothing but positive things to say about the pen. The pen was perfect as it was, but after you added the engraving (and you did a beautiful job on the engraving), it really elevated the appearance of the pen. I just lucked out by choosing your company. And your customer service is one of the best. I would definitely use this company over & over again.” — Phyllis, Five Star Verified Purchase, United States


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