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Handwriting Meditation

Writing can be a cathartic experience. Studies reveal Chinese calligraphic handwriting can reduce your heart rate and increase your body temperature. Much like people who practice meditation.

The soothing results can be attributed to the concentration required to create a flawless script, often in one try. Meditation via handwriting offers a promising new approach to reducing stress.

Don’t know where to start? A little inspiration should do the trick. And we’ve put together 21 videos just for you.

1. Watch How This Ink Dries

Harry Potter fans anyone? You’d have to be under a spell to spend 15-20 minutes just watching Emerald of Chivon dry. And the results are truly worth it. Someone should write a potion recipe book with this ink! Or maybe just a lovely letter for starters. Watch the video

Ink dries pen

Image from Reddit

2. The Hallmark Logo With Nothing but Calligraphy Supplies

Practice and dedication make the difference when it comes to nailing the Hallmark logo. At least that’s what the artist attributes to this cursive. He achieved this using a Brause no.361 nib which he uses on different types of paper. Watch the video

Hallmark logo calligraphy
Image from Reddit

3. Taste the Rainbow

Well, he definitely deserves an Oscar for best “Reddit Edit”, call it “R-Edit”, get it? Let’s just talk about that R majuscule. Doesn’t it take your breath away? Only an ‘hourglass oblique holder’ with a ‘nikko g nib’ could achieve such strokes. Grab your watercolors and try this today. Watch the video

Rainbow ink pen
Image from Reddit


Introducing Pilot Parallel. Think of it as flat-pen calligraphy that relies on perpendicular movement to achieve certain looks. It’s quite impressive how this writer is able to pull off cursive with this technique. Try it out. Watch the video

Flat pen
Image from Reddit

5. A Very Blue Birthday

This type of Arabic calligraphy is a whole performance and that “B” was a rollercoaster! Such impeccable writing takes years to master and Muhammed’s Instagram page says it all. Can you at least get your signatures to look the same? Give it a shot. A good fountain pen is the right place to start. Watch the video

Happy birthday penmanship with arabic pen
Image from Reddit

6. Leonardo DiCaprio Asks This Artist to Write His Name

Using a flat-pen this artist writes Leonardo DiCaprio’s name in the blackletter script. It takes plenty of practice to achieve wide reference lines. So use 4nibs for ascenders and 6nibs for descenders. Add copperplate script to the mix and you have the perfect calligraphy party. Watch the video

Blackletter script
Image from Reddit

7. Yes in Elegant Bold Black Cursive

Quality paper means you can draw this script without the ink running. Better yet, the right pen makes the difference. An oblique pen is your best option. The nib is placed at a different angle from a straight holder’s. This slight change helps you achieve an overall slant and thin and thick strokes in the letters. Watch the video

Bold Black Cursive
Image from Reddit

8. Minimalist Calligraphy

This lettering has you guessing from start to finish. Will it be spork, spoon or spooky? Mastering this 3D effect takes practice before you know where the shadows go without writing the actual letters first. Watch the video

Minimalist Calligraphy
Image from Reddit

9. Keep Calm and Watch This

Can you just feel the calmness kicking in? No. Replay it one more time. A self-proclaimed letter lover, Grace Fosen never disappoints. Check out more of her work on Instagram. Better yet, get your own customized pen and try this out. Watch the video

Keep calm penmanship
Image from Reddit

10. Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon

This gothic lettering takes us right back into the hallowed hallways of Hogwarts. The Finetec Gold watercolor has an impressive sheen to it. Now, this is some real magic. Watch the video

 Finetec gold watercolor
Image from Reddit

11. Ten Points for Gryffindor

Using a pilot parallel pen, a Brause 4mm nib, and Winsor & Newton Gouache ink, this writer achieved a perfect print. We think that Godric Gryffindor, of Hogwarts’ House of Gryffindor, would be proud. Watch the video

Gryffindor gothic penmanship
Image from Reddit

12. My Favorite Gold Ink

There’s something incredibly therapeutic about watching this gold ink dry over and over again. Finetec gold never looked so good! Get a good fountain pen and practice. A pen with a straight holder and a Brause no.361 nib should do the trick. Shop Dayspring Pens. Watch the video

Gold ink pen
Image from Reddit

13. Watch! This Ink Looks Even Better When Dry

Ink can get pretty messy so it takes a lot of practice to make Emerald of Chivori seem this effortless. Specifically, one hour every weekday and throughout the weekend for this artist. While a dip pen is more effective, a fountain pen dipped in water makes the ink flow. Use the Tomoe River paper to make the ink more visible. Watch the video

Ink looks better when dry
Image from Reddit

14. One Day I Will Visit the Places I Write

“Austria or Australia, which one is it?” It’s crazy to think that people wrote entire books in calligraphy in the past. Well, this artist regularly takes to YouTube and Instagram for inspiration. He also mimics old exemplars on Google for practice. Do you have what it takes? Get a pen and start practice today. Shop Dayspring Pens. Watch the video

Visit place calligraphy
Image from Reddit

15. I Tried the Cadillac Logo With Calligraphy Supplies

An oblique pen saves you a lot of smudging when writing this script. It’s taken this artist 1 year and 8 months to get this good. A few hours of practice every other day of the week is enough. Getting two consecutive letters to match challenges him but he nails the ‘l’s. Such a talented artist! Watch the video

Cadillac logo calligraphy
Image from Reddit

16. Insane Brush Writing

Thin strokes written with such distinct precision are only the workings of an expert. Chinese calligraphy is so elegant. This "slender gold" style is one of the few styles created by a single individual, Emperor Huizong. Watch the video

Chinese calligraphy
Image from Reddit

17. Frosted Window Writing

Who would’ve thought a fingernail could do such great work? Just to be safe though, we recommend our variety of customized pens to achieve the perfect calligraphy prints. Don’t break a nail, shop Dayspring Pens. Watch the video

Frosted window writing
Image from Reddit

18. Chinese Symbol Practice

While the Chinese letters look amazing, they’re difficult to draw. But that doesn’t stop this artist from giving them a try using a brush pen. Stroke orders are everything when it comes to this art form. And he’s constantly learning through practice. Why don’t you try this out? Watch the video

Chinese Symbol Practice
Image from Reddit

19. Rake's-Eye-View of Serif Writing on the Beach

At first, it seems like a 3D simulation because of the music or a drone because of the overhead view. But this is your not-so-average joe practicing beach calligraphy with a camera mounted on the rake. How cool is that? Watch the video

Rake's serif writing on the beach
Image from Reddit

20. Fork Calligraphy

Yazi Yolcusu mesmerizes us with, a fork? Clearly, it’s not the tools but the skill that makes the artist. His name loosely translates to “Text Traveler” and following his fork as he works truly feels like a journey. Watch the video

Fork calligraphy
Image from Reddit

21. Hand Painting a £300,000 Rolls Royce

James Lewis does this in one fell swoop! Using a mahl stick, he steadies his hand while he moves across the hood of the car. With clients like Pepsi, BBC, and TikTok, James is definitely an expert in his field. Watch the video

Hand painting hood of the car
Image from Reddit

Dayspring Pens began as a labor of love. Over 25 years in and we still believe penmanship is deeply personal. We are here to help you fulfill your calligraphy dreams by providing luxury stationery, and a wide range of writing accouterments.

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