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Why Unique, High-Quality Pens Make the Perfect Engraved Gifts

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Think of this; have you ever had to choose the perfect gift for a friend, a loved one, or a colleague? Something unique, unforgettable, personalized, and special?

Juggling between different gift ideas can be one of the most tortuous endeavors you can take up. Now that the festive season is here, you may be at a loss on what gifts to choose.

Whether for your business customers or a friend, a gift says a lot about what you think about them. All the same, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Choosing high-quality pens for engraved gifts is a sure hack. It's bound to leave a lasting impression on those who matter most.

Here are seven reasons why high-quality pens make the perfect engraved gifts

1. They Are an Effective Marketing Tool for Your Business

Companies have continued indulging in sophisticated marketing tools. It's becoming increasingly important to have a brand presence in every possible space. Engraved high-quality pens are a sure way to improve your brand presence because:

a) They Can Double up as Your Business Card

Whenever someone wants to jolt down something important, they rush to grab a pen and paper. This means that whoever they are with is another extra pair of eyes that has seen your brand.

laser engraved pen


In case the pen-owner decides to be generous, your brand stands to be seen by countless more eyes. Having your brand and business details engraved on a high-quality pen is a sure way to reach many prospects.

b) They Have a Substantial Longer “Shelf-Life.”

Billboards are usually only up for a month. Then the advertising company comes knocking on your door. Engraved pens, on the other hand, have a significantly longer marketing shelf life.

2.They Let the Recipient Know They Are Special

What better way to make that special someone feel all the more special than an engraved gift with their name on it? This study found that recipients place more value on engraved gifts. And that’s primarily because of their ability to express the giver.
Personalized gifts are much more than just another holiday treat. They are also deeply entrenched in the recipient’s hearts.

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Gifting your loved ones with a personalized engraved pen not only shows that you care. It also reveals that you hold them in very high regard. That’s because you took the time to pick out a gift just for them.

Personalized Pens Are Practical and Useful Gifts

Statistics show that nearly 53% of festive season gifts are often forgotten. Imagine breaking your bank to gift your loved ones only for them to discard them a few days into the new year.

Unlike other gifts, personalized engraved pens retain usefulness way beyond the festive season. This is because:

a) Pens Are Everyday Working Tools

Pens have multiple uses. Whether in the corporate world or in schools, at any given point, someone is looking for their pen to either:

• Note down an important point;

• Sign a cheque;

• Take notes during a lecture or;

• Journalize their day

With a personalized pen as one of your engraved gifts, you can bet that your recipient will be thinking about you whenever they use it.

b) They Are Relatively Cheaper Than Other Gift Alternatives

As opposed to straining your resources to gift your customers with a trip to Dubai or The Bahamas, you can achieve greater impact by personalizing an engraved pen for each of your loyal customers.

Though it may seem simple, you're bound to reach more people while sparing your resources.

Personalized engraved pens have a relatively low cost per impression than other promotional tools such as cars and holidays, thus enabling you to focus your budget on other marketing efforts.

4. They Give a Look of Professionalism

Having your brand imprinted on a pen - an everyday resource - signals your professionalism. Your recipients are bound to consider you a valuable partner with a heart for their clients, especially with the executive pens

Cross townsend engraved pen

Custom Signature Engraving

Explore a wide range of corporate engraved gifts ideal for your customers from Dayspring Pens.

5. It Is Difficult to Find the Perfect Personalized Gift in Souvenir Shops

According to research by Mary Steffel, personalized gift-givers tend to give personalized gifts based on their perception of what the recipients are like and not necessarily what they like. Consequently, most of these personalized gifts end up being unused.

On the other hand, an engraved pen sits on neutral and safe ground and thus stands a lower risk of being unused. Even the most selective recipients will undoubtedly have fewer issues with a classy engraved pen that has their name on it.

Coupled with this, most gifts available in Souvenir shops are not engravable. This means you may have to settle for a less appealing gift just to get that engraving.

6. They Are More Durable Than Most Alternatives

Unlike most other gift alternatives, high-quality pens have relatively long lifespans. Most personalized engraved gifts are made of delicate material such as glass or thin plastic and thus stand the risk of easily breaking.

On the other hand, high-quality pens are modified with durable materials such as wood. They are thus bound to last longer.

Woodmark Rosewood Pen & Pencil Gift Set
Woodmark Rosewood Pen & Pencil Gift Set

7. They Can Serve a Wide Range of Recipients

Are you stuck on choosing gift ideas for your divergent list of recipients? Well, high-quality engraved pens are your perfect choice for personalized engraved gifts. They come in a wide range of varieties that can serve an expansive list of recipients.

Whether it is the boss, a picky teenager, or that special someone, one thing is certain. High-quality engraved pens are sure to leave a permanent mark in their hearts.

Cross Century II Medalist Selectip Rollerball Pen
Cross Century II Medalist Selectip Rollerball Pen

Choose Dayspring Pens for the Perfect Engraved Gifts

Are you looking for an excellent gift for any occasion? At Dayspring Pens, we know that engraved pens are a fantastic way to show a loved one that you value them.

We also understand that you may be looking to create a positive image for your business. You don’t have to settle for a standard writing tool. Not while you can surprise your customers with a luxurious high-quality engraved pen.

Choose from our extensive range of high-quality, personalized pens today. Your selection is bound to find appreciation as a meaningful engraved gift.


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