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How to Find the Perfect Custom Fountain Pen (2022)

Waterman custom Fountain pen ink pen

Getting the perfect gift pen can be challenging. Especially for important occasions — the moments he will always cherish and remember. So you want to choose a gift that will be suitable and serve as a thoughtful reminder of those special memories.

And what better way to leave a lasting imprint than with a personalized fountain pen?

A fountain pen is more than just a gift. It’s a piece that’s genuine, functional, and perfect for everyday use. It’s not a one-time product but a gift that keeps on giving.


Because it’s a reusable and beautiful writing instrument.

So if you’re looking for a meaningful gift for your someone important in your life – you’ve come to the right place.

What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Fountain Pen

There are certain things to consider when thinking about customizable fountain pens and how to choose one that perfectly suits your gift recipient. These are:

  • Weight and size
  • Pen nib size and material
  • Profession of the recipient and personal preferences
  • Different pen brands and price points

Cross Century II Fountain pen

Hand Size — Weight and Size of the Fountain Pen

When making your decisions, you should think about how that new pen will fit in his hand.

Hint: To help you choose, it’s a good idea to find out what kind of pen he generally uses.

If they have large hands, pens on the heavier and thicker side will suit best. Alternatively, if their hands are smaller or if they're a younger person, you could consider a lighter customizable fountain pen with a thin or medium-sized barrel.

Sometimes custom fountain pens that have some weight to them seem more classy and luxurious. But keep in mind that writing for long periods with a heavy pen can be tiring. So think about how the fountain pen will be used, e.g. journaling or signing documents.

You can choose between heavy, medium, or light fountain pens with a thin, medium, or thick barrel.

Handwriting Style — Nib Material and Size

Another aspect to keep in mind is his handwriting style. Why is this important? Because it will help you choose the best fountain pen nib size and material.

Arizona red fountain pen nib size

The Fine Line - Nib Size

The nib is the most crucial element of a fountain pen. It impacts the way your handwriting style comes across on the page.

Different nib sizes include:

  • Extra-fine 
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad 

Here’s a good rule of thumb for choosing the right nib: the finer the nib, the thinner the ink and subsequent lines will be.

Pizazz and Functionality - Nib Material

The majority of different fountain pen types have either a gold or stainless-steel nib, and the quality of the material impacts the writing smoothness.

Gold Nib

A pen with a golden nib adds smoothness to the writing experience as a gold nib tends to bend better according to the exerted pressure of the writer.

Fun Fact: The luxurious gold color also adds to the pen’s value and style.

Stainless-Steel Nib

Stainless-steel and other more affordable nib materials more than hold their ground when it comes to quality. They offer an enjoyable writing experience by providing durability.

Profession and Preferences

Lastly, when choosing from the array of custom fountain pens available, it’s helpful to use his profession and preferences as a guide – especially if they're new to the world of fountain pens.

Think about this:

  • What kind of a car do they drive? The model, color, etc.
  • Does they wear jewelry? If they do, a gold nib pen will be a perfect match.
  • What’s their favorite color?
  • Does their job require them to sign a lot of documents? A lighter pen will do the trick. 
  • Do they write a lot by hand and already own a fountain pen, or are they new to the game?

Use these questions as guidelines to narrow down your choices and then pay a visit to Dayspring to pick the perfect pen.

Different Brands for Easier Choice

At Dayspring Pens, you can find the most popular high priced brands as well as more affordable options. We pride ourselves on a great selection of fountain pens at any price point.

If you’re still unsure about which pen is ideal, here are some of our suggestions for select special occasions in his life.

Father’s Day Gift

A new custom fountain pen makes a great Father’s Day gift for dear old dad. And here’s why.

Your father will have a pleasant memory of this special day every time he uses the pen, and by adding a free line of custom engraving (a family motto or his name), you can make it extra special.

Take a look at a few fountain pens that are perfect for this occasion.

Anniversary Gift

Are you looking for something special to gift your significant other on your anniversary? Surprise themwith a beautiful and functional reminder of your love.

Get them this classic Arizona Fountain Pen in black. They can carry it in their shirt pocket – next to their heart every day – as a reminder of you. Make it custom by engraving it for free with their name or a special love message.

Arizona Black fountain pen
Arizona Fountain Pen - Black

This perfectly crafted fountain pen has an adaptive nib that will suit any writing style. Using it comes naturally and refilling is a breeze.

Be sure to check out our selection of more excellent choices for an anniversary gift.

Valentine’s Day Gift

Does your loved one write you little love notes or maybe even romantic love letters? If yes, then a fountain pen is the perfect gift for your favorite scribe. And if not, it might be a nudge in the “write” direction.

The pen perfect for the task is a Cross Bailey Blue Lacquer Fountain Pen, so be sure to order it in time.

Cross Bailey Blue lacquer fountain pen
Cross Bailey Blue Lacquer Fountain Pen

This pen has a perfectly designed medium nib, which leaves bold and clean lines. And the blue lacquer finish gives it a refined glimmer and striking color. Adding a custom engraved love message or his name will transform his new pen into an intimate gift.

Or maybe you would like to check out other pens from our Valentine’s day collection.

Graduation or First Job Gift

Graduation and a first job are two particularly special occasions in a person's life. These modern rites of passage should be cherished and marked appropriately.

Our suggestion is this beautifully crafted Cross Bailey Fountain Pen in Medalist. Enjoy custom engraving (free of charge) with a date, title, or name. It will bring encouragement and pride to the first steps in this new chapter.

Cross Bailey Fountain Pen - Medalist
Cross Bailey Fountain Pen - Medalist

It’s an affordable pen with all the elements of the most luxury writing instruments. It’ll stand out with its chrome barrel and 23 kt gold plated trim.

Explore more graduation gift options.

Retirement Gift

Just as a first job is significant to a person’s life, so is retirement. This important milestone deserves an equally worthy pen. Something that will say thank you with style.

For this occasion, we’ve selected the Cross Townsend Black Lacquer Fountain Pen.

As with the other pens on this list, we suggest free custom engraving of a special message – as a thoughtful and loving reminder.

Cross Townsend Black Fountain pen gold
Cross Townsend Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

This powerful pen with an iconic design is a symbol of dignity and tradition. It’s the kind of pen that can proudly become a family heirloom and it comes with a Cross lifetime warranty.

Check out our other retirement gift pens favorites.

Rush – When You Need the Perfect Gift Yesterday

We’ve all been there: you need a personalized and luxurious gift that’s also affordable – and you need it in a hurry. Enter Dayspring Pens. We’ve got what you need with our One Business Day Rush production option.

All pens come ready to present in a lovely gift box and you can add a gift note if you’d like.

More Than a Pen

A fountain pen is a gift that provides on so many levels. The writer projects a certain class and style.

This gift reminds the special people in your life daily that you value them. It will set them apart from thier peers (especially in the digital age), and it’s a keepsake they can cherish their entire life.

Be sure to check out the entire Dayspring fountain pen collection to find that special pen for everyone on your list.


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