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Can Personalized Gifts Benefit Company Culture? (2022)

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Yes! Personalized gifts can benefit company culture.


In this article, we are going to break down what company culture is, debunk three myths about using gifts in your office place, and talk a little about the best gifts for your office.

Let's get cracking!

What is company culture?

Company culture is how the people in a company relate to each other and how they respond to critical tasks and challenges. 

So, what do we make of company culture and is it essential to your a successful business?

Listen to what Peter Drucker—whose thoughts and ideas laid the foundation of the modern business corporation—said about company culture:

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

How now? 

Well, you may have the best strategy ever devised, but if you are not invested in the human beings of your company, you’re heading nowhere.

Having a clear, shared strategy is still a major determinant of success, but it must have the backbone of a healthy, thriving company culture. 

But if culture is king—as this study by PwC suggests—how exactly can a mundane habit like personalized gifting improve it?

Let's talk about some myths in regards to giving personalized gifts in the office and debunk them. 

Myth 1: Personalized Office Gifting Is Only Used to Buy Loyalty

A gift is not a bribe, nor is office gifting unethical.

In the Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving Etiquette, we explained that while a gift is given without any ulterior motives on the part of the giver, a bribe involves some hidden motive—some definite expectation.

While personalized office gifts are not primarily meant to buy loyalty, gifts—without any strings attached—may still lead to loyalty. 

In fact, according to some studies, 36% of employees reported feeling more loyal to their employers after receiving a gift.

And if you are more thoughtful with the office gift—so that it’s more memorable, unique, or special—you can ramp up loyalty even higher. 

The point is—don’t just wrap any gift. You gotta be creative with your gift ideas.

In fact, for loyalty, a unique gift is the ideal.

A unique gift makes employees 45% more likely to have good feelings of loyalty!

And a culture of loyalty is the dream of any company. According to business trends, it’s becoming a concern.

Consider that 43% of workers are willing to leave their company for a salary raise as little as 10%!

And so, if a business culture of loyalty is that elusive, and if office gifting looks like an antidote, why don’t you start looking for office gift ideas right away and repurpose them to benefit your company culture?

Myth 2: A Branded Gift Is the Perfect Way to Show Company Appreciation

Workers’ eyes roll and their faces don’t light up, when they receive branded gifts from their bosses or coworkers.

infographic Poll for receiving gifts

Image from: KNACK-2018 Employee Gift Survey

If you send branded gifts to coworkers, there’s a 4% chance that they’ll feel disgusted with the gift, and a 3% chance that they’ll throw it away!

In fact, other surveys reveal that 8 in 10 employees have received an office gift that—if hate is a strong word—they just did not like.

And up to a whopping 75% do not like receiving a gift branded with a company logo.

Why is this?

Listen to what Dr. Paul White—president of Appreciation at Work—and a renowned psychologist has to say:

“Some employees have reported to me that they don’t mind gifts with logos, but they resent feeling like a ‘walking billboard’ for the company.”

So what should a company that wants to appreciate its workers do?

Simple: make gifts a little more personal.

In How To Foster a Healthy, Professional Gifting in The Workplace: The Ultimate Guide, we showed you why you should be a lil more personal with your gifts.

The thing is, if you make the gift more personal—like a simple, yet elegant gift pen similar to the one below, they’ll feel that the employer actually thought about them.

MAn writes with engraved wood pen

Rosewood Medical Emblem Ballpoint and Pen Case

They’ll feel like the gift pens were not run in the assembly line without caring whether it was going to Jane or Joseph.

And personalized gifts can make the workers really feel appreciated. It goes beyond financial investment in the worker. It’s an emotional investment.

Consider that:

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” — Simon Sinek, author of five leadership books, including “Start With Why” and “Leaders Eat Last.”

This practice will engender a culture where workers feel valued.

This could just make them stay in the company for a few moons longer!

Myth 3: Workers Measure Office Gifts for Their Dollars Worth 

Meaning trumps money—any day, any time. 

In fact, according to a Harvard study, 9 out of 10 people are willing to earn less money to do more meaningful work.

And for office gift ideas, you definitely don’t need to break the bank. 

To be honest, even simple words of affirmation can do. 

But a non-generic gift—one that is well thought-out and personalized—can give the worker some social meaning and enhance feelings of connectedness.

You want a dream company culture?

Curate one (by incorporating office gifting) where workers feel that their worth is not the sum total of their salaries.

If culture eats strategy for breakfast like Peter Drucker told us, and if office gift giving can benefit company culture—you need to jettison these three myths from your mind:

  • The myth that office gifts are unethical
  • The myth that workers love branded gifts
  • The myth that expensive gifts are more valued

  • Ready to Improve Your Company Culture?

    If you’re ready to give your company culture a fresh coat of paint, Dayspring Pens has some options for you that you may want to consider.

    Take a look at our best sellers and staff favorites for some ideas! Not to mention, we offer a free line of custom engraving with every item so that you can build your company culture without stressing on the finances.

    It’s time to take your company culture to the next level.


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