Can I Bring Something to Dayspring Pens and Get It Engraved?: Our Policies for Engraving Your Personal Belongings (2021)

Waterman Expert Fountain Pen with logo engraving and ink refill resting on Dayspring Pens padfolio next to engraved gifts ink well

This article is for people who already have an item in their personal possession (like a pen, a cutting board, shot glass, or even a wedding ring and other kinds of jewelry) that they want to get custom engraved.

In this article, I'll talk a little bit about the laser engraving process.

I'll also give an overview of Dayspring Pens' policies for receiving special gifts from customers to be engraved.

The short of it is that Dayspring Pens will likely decline engraving your personal accessories and belongings except in exceptional, unique cases.

But I'll give you an overview of what we might be willing to do and why, and I'll also show you how we go about engraving your special pieces.

Our laser engraved gifts

A Waterman Expert with signature engraving and a Waterman Hemisphere with personalized engraving rest in wood pen cup

Dayspring Pens is an engraved gifts company.

In particular we specialize in popular personalized pens from luxury brands like:

We also offer a humble selection of other engraved gifts

Dayspring Pens padfolios in brown and black stand behind three Cross Journal sets with personalized engraving

We offer Howard Miller clocks, Z-Bolt laser pointers, personalized journals from A.T. Cross, and our very own engraved padfolios. Each of these products comes in a variety of custom engraving styles.

How we laser engrave our custom products

At Dayspring, we use a variety of laser engraving machines to have our unique products personalized.

Here's how some of our laser engravers do their thing:

You can take a much more in-depth look at custom engraving gifts in my ultimate guide to custom laser engraving.

Now that I've given a brief overview of what we do and how, let's turn to our engraving policies and answer the central question of this article.

Our engraving policies

A Waterman Expert ballpoint pen with signature engraving, a Waterman Expert Fountain Pen with logo engraving, and a Dayspring Pens green Braxton ballpoint pen with personalized engraving rest on a black engraved gifts padfolio

At Dayspring Pens, because our business is personalized and engraved gifts, we cannot restock or reuse gifts that have already been engraved.

We offer a 30-day return period for a 100% refund if your order is faulty or damaged when it arrives to you.

While extremely rare, if we make a mistake we will also refund or replace the item.

That said, we engrave your gift with exactly what you write in the text input box. Whatever is written in there, even if it's a typo, is what will be on your custom gift. For various reasons, we have to take what's in the text box for at face value; we don't edit it for you.

If you detect a typo after you order, get in contact with us immediately; we might be able to fix the problem before it's engraved on your gift.

Can you engrave my personal possessions?

Long story short: no.

Unfortunately, we are not available to just take anyone's belongings and engrave them for them.

However, we do make special exceptions. There's no formal criteria in place that spells this out, but in simple terms, we are mostly open to engraving your personal gifts in the case of life or death events.

Seriously, personalized gifts are often bought and given at very new, very big, and sometimes very tragic occasions, something in the case of extremes is often when we would consider engraving your own personal accessories for you.

Here's an real life story that illustrates what I mean:

We had a customer who was told by his doctor that he only had a few months to live. He owned a set of vintage Cross Classic Century pens in 10Kt gold, and he wanted to pass them down to his nephews. He contacted us, told us his whole story, and asked us to engrave them. We accepted right away and engraved them for him.

That's the kind of thing we'll be more likely to accept because we know how much a gift like that counts to his (and our) loved ones.

Why is Dayspring Pens likely to decline engraving my stuff?

There's a number of reasons:

  • Some material surfaces require special equipment, and even special kinds of laser engraving machines to mark them properly.
  • If your gift is made of a material we're not familiar with engraving, we have to do tests. If you only have one item like that, it will be impossible for us to do the tests in order to figure out how to properly engrave your gift. One of the reasons we accepted the pens from the man mentioned above is because we already had preset settings for that exact style of pen.
  • Some items are just too expensive or precious, and we can't ensure that your gift, especially if its made of a material we're not used to engraving, is going to be engraved to the quality you should expect on the first attempt. If you want your wedding ring engraved, I would suggest finding a specialist in jewelry engraving.


How much does it cost to get something engraved?

Engraving is free with any of our listed personalized products.

The only thing that might cost extra is if you need Rush Production to get your gift shipped the same day you order it.

However, should we accept your request to have your own possessions engraved, you may incur a small fee for setting up the engraving.

What items can be engraved?


Pretty much anything can be engraved as long as it's made of materials that can stand up to a white-hot laser.

Materials that can be engraved include:

  • Metal
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Leather
  • Fiber

As long as it's a hard surface, there's a good chance it can be engraved.

Our personalized products tend to be constructed out of materials like chrome metal, precious metal, wood, or plastic.

It's also ideal if the surface to be engraved is flat rather than concave.

Who else might engrave my stuff?

There are plenty of other engraved gifts companies out there willing to have your things personalized for you.

Maybe to a Google search for "engrave my stuff" and find someone with engraving services like that.

A shortlist of places that are open to getting your gift personalized includes Things Remembered,, and Jared for specifically jewelry-related engraving.

What should I get engraved on a gift?

The perfect go-to engraving is just the name of the person to whom you're giving the gift.

Another option is to create a short, meaningful phrase, quote, or message to fit on your gift.

I've compiled a complete list of phrases, quotes, and puns to help you either pick an engraving or else inspire you to create your own.

You can also get your personal signature engraved on a pen or else your corporate logo for promotional pens.


Dayspring Pens does not engrave profanity, even if it's masked in symbols, abbreviations, or numbers.

This is because we want to protect our brand and others from quality degradation, and we want to protect recipients from potential bullying or unseemly behavior.


A brown engraved gifts padfolio with logo engraving covered in woodcarving tools and wood shavings

That's it for our engraving policies!

Now it's your turn!

Tell me about your favorite engraved gift in the comments below!