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The 9 Best Cross Pens (2021)

Cross Classic Century Chrome pen and pencil set


The A.T. Cross Pens company has produced high-quality writing instruments since its founding in 1846, and it represents this century's ideal in luxury pens—especially its line of different gold pens.

In this post, we want to look over the 9 best Cross pens (from the Tech2 to the Bailey, from the Peerless 125 to the Classic Century) and give you some helpful information on the best-sellers (like the presidential Townsend and the jet-lined Classic Century pen) so that you can purchase the best possible Cross pen for you.

Let's get started!


Here's our list of the 9 Best Cross Pens:


Cross pens Classic Century Black and gold pens


Here's 9 Best Cross Pens at a glance:

9.) The Tech2


    9.) Cross Tech2


    Cross pens Tech2 Stylus Pen

    The Cross Tech2 is a slim barreled, twist-action ballpoint pen with a stylus on the cap.

    The A.T. Cross company's affordable younger brother to the Tech3+ (featured later), the Tech2 comes in chrome, red, blue, and black.

    "What's the point of a Tech2," you ask? The Tech2 is one of the best Cross pens for daily, multi-functional use, spanning the gap between page and touch-screen.

    Discover the Tech2 at Dayspring Pens!


    8.) Cross Peerless 125


    Cross Peerless 125

    The Peerless 125 is, by far, the apex luxury pen in in the Cross pen line.

    The most recognizable model of this particular large-bodied Cross pen is the 23k gold pen either as a ballpoint or rollerball pen, but it comes in a few other style variants.

    Every Peerless comes with a Swarovsky crystal inserted into the top of the cap, and some versions even feature a tracking device.

    The unsparingness of the Peerless writing instrument lands it in our best Cross pens list.

    Available in ballpoint, gel ink felt tip rollerball, and fountain pen models.

    Discover the Cross Peerless


    7.) Cross Townsend


    Cross Townsend


    The Cross Townsend is next in our list of the best Cross pens.

    The Townsend is one of the top picks for pens among US presidents and has one of the most recognizable, classic profiles for any pen in production.

    With aesthetic similarities to the Classic Century and Century II, the Townsend nevertheless has its own distinct form, setting it at the peak of executive and professional pens.

    Available in ballpoint, gel ink rollerball, and fountain pen versions, the Townsend also features a number of color variations like the chrome, 23k gold pen, and black and with gold appointments.

     Write like a President with a Cross Townsend


    6.) Cross Tech3+


    Cross Tech3+ multifunctional pen

    The Cross Tech3+ is a top tier achievement in multi-functional pen engineering.

    Featuring three different writing tips (a black ballpoint, a red ballpoint, and 0.7mm pencil), each is engaged with a single quarter-turn of the twist-action pen. One writing tip is replaced by another with a satisfying click.

    The Tech3+ also features a stylus used for touch screen devices.

    The point of the Tech3+ is to span the gap between multiple writing surfaces and tasks in one pen all the while keeping the pen light-weight and unobtrusive.

    Available in multiple style colors including Chrome, black, and gold, the Tech3+ is one of the best Cross pens for the innovative type and no-fluff forward thinkers.

    Give the gift of an engraved Cross Tech3+


    5.) Cross Coventry


    Cross Coventry Chrome Ballpoint pen


    The Cross Coventry brings us back to the more economical level of writing instruments.

    It comes in at #5 in our list because it's one of the most affordable luxury pens on the market.

    A close cousin to the Bailey and the Calais, the Coventry is the type of pen that's perfect when used for daily writing tasks without standing out too much.

    Available only in the ballpoint version at Dayspring (with the notable exception of the Chrome Pen and Pencil Set), this Cross pen comes in a number of different color options including chrome/silver, black, blue, and red pen color options.

    Try a Cross Coventry from Dayspring Pens


    4.) Cross Bailey


    Cross Bailey Black Ballpoint

    Anyone can see why the Cross Bailey ranks high on our list the best Cross pens. It even ranked #43 in The Strategist's List of 100 Best Pens.

    The Bailey represents a major step up from the economical line of Cross pens without much of an increase in price. A close cousin to the Calais, the Bailey is distinct by its cuffed appointments.

    The most popular model of the Bailey is the medalist ballpoint pen (pictured above) which features a chrome barrel with gold appointments.

    The Bailey can make an excellent gift for employees, graduations, or Christmas.

    This Bailey is available in multiple color options and in ballpoint, gel ink rollerball, and fountain pen writing point models.

    Choose your personalized Cross Bailey


    3.) Cross Century II


    Cross Pens Century II Rollerball in white and rose gold


    The Century II from the A.T. Cross pen company is one of the all-around best cross pens.

    Seemingly the median point between the ultra slim Classic Century and the larger Townsend, the Century II is nevertheless in a league of its own.

    The Century II is the latest pen favored by US Presidents Obama and Biden

    Available in the classic black lacquer with gold appointments, the Century II also has a unique white lacquer and rose gold model (pictured above) in ballpoint, gel ink felt tip rollerball, and fountain pen versions.

    Find your favorite Century II


    2.) Cross Classic Century


    Cross Pens Classic Century 10k gold Pen and Pencil Set


    It's easy to see why the Cross Classic Century comes in at #2 in our list of Cross pens.

    The Classic Century is a massively popular pen because of its varying styles (from the chrome ballpoint pen to the 13k rose gold pen and pencil set), solid body, and smooth ink distribution.

    The super slim style and clear lines of the Classic Century make it reminiscent of the the body of a streamlined jetliner.

    One of the most popular purchases our customers make is the Classic Century chrome pen and pencil set or the medalist ballpoint (chrome with gold appointments). Another popular model is the black ballpoint with gold appointments.

    The Cross Classic Century is especially popular as a graduation gift in its 10k gold pen version (this slim little writing instrument is even available with a graduation clip emblem).

    Take this Classic Century Pen


    1.) Cross Calais


    Cross Pens Chrome and Blue Lacquer Double Ballpoint Pen Set


    The Cross Calais is far and away the best Cross pen and our best-selling personalized pen.

    It's the most affordable in its class with impeccable, silver-styled art deco design sensibilities. In terms of design similarities, it's a close cousin to the Coventry and Bailey.

    The cigar-like barrel is much larger than the Classic Century and fits comfortably for those who like a more substantial grip. The ink flow in every writing style (whether ballpoint pen, gel ink rollerball pen, or fountain pen) is consistent, smooth, and effortless.

    The three most popular models of this particular Cross pen are the Calais chrome ballpoint pen, the Calais chrome and blue lacquer ballpoint, and the Calais black ballpoint. Dayspring Pens offers the exclusive Calais Chrome and Blue Lacquer Double Pen Set (pictured above).

    The Calais pen is the most popular engraved pen because its medium sized barrel (usually in chrome) displays custom engraving clearly and distinctly. There's a surprising amount of space to fit logo engravings for corporate professionals, making this one of the most sought after promotional pens.

    Affordability in price, reliability in writing, and aesthetic style all make the Calais the #1 best Cross Pen.

    Discover why the Calais is the #1 Cross pen for yourself




    Cross Pens Calais Chrome and Blue Lacquer Double Ballpoint Pen set in Gift Box


    This list is based off which pens spans the gap between our best-selling pens and which pens offer the highest quality/function for the best price.

    At the end of the day, our customers know what's up: the Calais (especially the chrome and chrome/blue lacquer ballpoint models) tops out the list of best cross pens because the most affordable for the highest quality.

    The Classic Century and the Century II follow closely behind for similar reasons—and for their variety in design and function.

    We pretty much guarantee that the writing experience with any of these luxury writing instruments will be absolutely superb and worth the price.

    Anyway, I hope all this information was of some help to you in finding the best Cross pen for you!

    And here are some honorable mentions that didn't make this list:

    1. The ATX
    2. The Click pen
    3. The Lumina


    People also ask...


    How much is a Cross pen?


    Prices vary between models, writing styles, and construction materials

    Here's a breakdown of prices by pen line from most affordable to the most ridiculously ex-PEN-sive:

    1. The Coventry: $27.49-$44.09
    2. The Calais: $28.34-$73.49
    3. The Classic Century: $37.79-$199.49 (The Classic Century has the most variations of style so its worth exploring all your options here; of special note is the Classic Century chrome pen and pencil set)
    4. The Bailey: $46.19-$104.99
    5. The Tech2: $36.74-$38.49
    6. The Tech3+: $59.84-$68.19
    7. The Century II: $77.69-$151.79
    8. The Townsend: $104.99-$482.99
    9. The Peerless 125: $188.99-$657.29


    Where can I buy Cross pen refills?


    Cross ballpoint pen ink refill

    Dayspring Pens has a great selection of Cross pen refills here. Also be sure to check out our Cross refill guide


    How do I fix my cross Pen?


    The Cross company provides a lifetime mechanical warranty service which Dayspring Pens also upholds. So, if your pen has a mechanical failure, you can get it repaired or replaced at no cost to you.


    How do I use my Cross fountain pen?


    Cross pens Century II Fountain Pen in black and gold


    Cross fountain pens are like any other fountain pens. That means that if you know how to use any other fountain pen, it's pretty much the same deal!

    I've written another article on how to load and use a fountain pen to answer this question more fully.

    I hope this list has helped you find the personalized Cross pen you're looking for.

    That's all for the top Cross pens list! Let us know in the comments which Cross pen YOU prefer!


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