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Are Personalized Gifts Good for B2B Marketing?: Debunking 5 Myths About Promotional Gifts (2022)

Classic century chrome ballpoint pen

Promotional gifting is arguably one of the oldest ways of creating B2B awareness.

In the past, there were so many offices with branded calendars and custom notebooks from other businesses you’d lose count. Add to that pens, bags, and drinkware—you can’t name them all.

But are custom giveaways still relevant? New businesses worry that they’re a waste of money.

The reason people doubt the efficacy of using custom promotional gifts is mainly due to certain myths surrounding this method.

Are you considering using promotional products for building B2B relations? Join us as we debunk the biggest presumptions regarding promotional products.

MYTH: The Practice Is Outdated

B2B Gifting isn’t as outdated as most businesses think. If you’re worried that B2B giveaways don’t work, think again.

Personalized promotional products are a great way to book meetings with other businesses. Their time is precious. If you show them that you appreciate this, they most likely will accept to meet with you.

It’s true that the number of those who use this method has declined, but businesses who still use it see positive results.

Anything that markets you isn’t outdated. It’s more like a walking marketing strategy, as people see your brand name and consider your company for the future.

MYTH: Promotional Gifts Are a Waste of Money

Giving free caps or bags to staff at other businesses isn’t a waste of time and money. Promotional gifting gets the attention of the person you want to talk to.

In the long run, it could save you a lot of cash in other expensive marketing channels. Branding promo items is considerably affordable. Custom giveaways are way cheaper than hiring copywriters to craft emails or to run advert campaigns.

If you’re printing notebooks or engraving a logo on pens, chances are you’re doing it in bulk. That means you can negotiate better rates. Not to mention the fact that printing or engraving a company logo isn’t expensive in itself.

Tangible promotional products are a great diversion from the usual email or LinkedIn message.

It also makes sense to reward your loyal customers even more so you can keep them coming back.

MYTH: Promotional Items Are Low Quality

Giving low-quality items is a bad idea. Some companies have tried to cut costs by giving away poor-quality mugs. You know, the ones that crack when you pour something hot into them.

That’s just going to hurt your image, especially if your name and logo are on there.

Companies that run successful promotions give high-quality promotional items on a budget. You should too if you want to succeed.

When figuring out what promotional products to give, remember that price doesn’t always equal good quality. You can find some fairly-priced items that make for top-quality giveaways.

MYTH: No One Uses Promotional Products

Contrary to the belief that promotional products aren’t used, they actually create a sense of excitement surrounding the new item. That feeling, coupled with the good quality item you give, results in your gift being used almost immediately.

Give us one reason why anyone would rather have their phone battery running low than use that nicely branded power bank they received as a promotional gift. You likely can’t think of one.

People use the gifts they’re given. In fact, some even proudly use them wanting to be associated with your company.

Imagine someone not using these sleek pens just because they’re branded promotional items.

Executive Business Gift Pens with Logo Decorations

Waterman Executive Business Gift Pens with Logo Decorations

In fact, because the pen works perfectly, it’ll create a positive feeling in their mind every time they see the logo or name of your company.

Gift Pens can help you figure out (on a budget) if the gift you’re planning to give is appropriate.

“Over the past 25 years, we’ve helped companies large and small find the perfect pen for their brand. ...No matter your budget and scope, we have premium gifts to support your brand from $20‒$600 per item.” Dayspring Pens.

MYTH: Custom Promotional Gifts Get Thrown Away

If you give people gifts, they’ll stick with you for several reasons. No one wants to appear heartless by going to your competitor if you’re the one gifting them from time to time.

If you didn’t know already, one of the best ways to get people to remain loyal to you is through promotional products.

Those bags branded with your logo make them feel connected to your business already, and losing them won’t be easy.

Businesses are run by humans. And humans like to be appreciated. Every time you have promotions, you win people over.

Your logo on the promotional items doesn’t take away the feeling of appreciation. 

This will make them want to stick with you. 

And if a branded drinkware or bag can increase your sales, why not?

So, no, people don’t throw away free bags or other gifts. They use and treasure them.

Myths About Personalized Gifts The Truth
1 Personalized gifts are outdated Personalized gifts create brand awareness
2 They get thrown away Personalized gifts are appreciated
3 It’s a waste of money It’s a great way to capture leads’ attention.
4 Promotional items are low quality Many businesses give quality items
5 People don’t use them Personalized, promotional products are used and treasured.

Things to Remember About Promotional Items

There Are Many Benefits

Promotional gifts have many benefits for your business. Among the benefits are:

  • Cost-effective marketing
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty
  • Generating leads
  • Increasing sales

  • Cheap Is Expensive

    Please don’t go too cheap and therefore compromise on quality. It’s a bad way to introduce yourself to your intended leads.

    People will definitely relate the quality of your business with the quality of your giveaways. You have to get it right the first time. Companies like Gift Pens have fantastic custom giveaways you can choose from.

    Cross Click Chrome Ballpoint Pen & Classic White Journal Gift Set

    Choose the Right Timing and Personalize

    Depending on your type of business, you want to make sure you’re promoting yourself at the right time.

    Most companies do end-of-year promotional gifting. Is that the right time for you? Could the type of products you’re trying to promote be more appropriate in summer?

    If you get your timing right, you’ll see even better results.

    One thing you don’t want to forget is to customize the promotional product to pique the interest of the recipient.

    Custom gifts work best because they don’t only grab attention, they also excite the recipient. You want to put them in a positive mood, so they can start or continue to do business with you.

    Durability Is Key

    Make sure the personalized gift you’re handing out will last a long time.

    Usually, people who sell products want you to use it up quickly, so you go back to buy some more. That in itself is a bad habit.

    Well, you’re not selling. You’re marketing.

    Remember, the impression you create will last. And you won’t get a second chance to create the first impression.

    Also, B2B marketing isn’t just about creating awareness. If used properly, it can help you acquire new accounts, keep existing accounts, and show appreciation for current clients.

    Find the Right Promotional Partner

    You’ve seen that personalized gifts are good for B2B marketing. You feel you want to give it a try. But which promotional products will work for your business?

    The first step is to find the right promotional partners who have your interests at heart—people who’ll produce quality gifts for you.

    The next is to work with them to decide which products will work best for your target audience.

    Finally, produce durable, simple day to day products that’ll make you visible and help boost sales.

    Even though promotional items aren’t considered direct marketing and are usually done on a budget, if done properly, they can create awareness and build brand loyalty, among other benefits.

    Get in touch with Gift Pens for corporate gifts that’ll boost your business to the next level. See the reviews for yourself.


    My recent experience with your organization exceeded our expectations in every way. Your website is informative and makes for easy ordering.  The Cross pens were of the quality and appearance that I expected.  The engraving was correct, flawless and beautifully done. The attractive packaging was a welcome surprise. Shipping and receipt of the order was much faster than promised. All in all we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with Dayspring Pens

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