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5 Pens That Make Great Personalized Christmas Gifts for Family (2022)

Personalized christmas gift pens rest on book

This Christmas season, you’ll be looking for meaningful gifts for family members.

What’s a more meaningful gift than a personalized gift with their name or a short phrase engraved on it?

But you’ll also be looking for something that family members will find useful, not just a novelty like mugs and ornaments.

That’s why we’re here! At Dayspring Pens, we think personalized pens make meaningful gifts as well as useful Christmas gifts. 

So, if you’re looking into personalized luxury pens, look no further! We’ve got a helpful list of our top five picks of pens that make the best personalized Christmas gifts for family members.

5 Best Pens for Christmas Family Gifts

Here’s the shortlist of the 5 best pens this Christmas.

5.) Dayspring Pens Richmond Chrome Rollerball
4.) Cross Century II Black and Gold Rollerball
3.) Waterman Expert Black and Gold Fountain Pen
2.) Parker Jotter Stainless and Gold Click Pen
1.) Waterman Hemisphere Stainless and Chrome Ballpoint

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these pens!

5.) Dayspring Pens Richmond Chrome Rollerball


The Richmond is the newest addition to our lineup of house brand pens, and we’re really excited about it.

Refined design sense and a subdued silhouette give the Richmond a professional aesthetic, and the chrome color option gives it a stand-out, eye-catching flair.

The rollerball model comes standard with water-based ink that’s smoother than its ballpoint counterpart and sinks deeper into the page, giving it a bolder, deeper line.

It’s a super affordable pen, too, so it won’t empty your wallet.




4.) Cross Century II Black and Gold Rollerball


AT Cross Century II rollerball pen for personalized christmas gift

The Cross Century II is a crowd favorite.

Its professional design and appointments give it a regal, suit-and-tie feel, so it’s a big step-up from a lot of other pens in the same category as far as it’s status value.

Pair quality of form with perfect function in the rollerball ink refill system, and you’ve got one heck of a Christmas gift.




3.) Waterman Expert Black and Gold Fountain Pen


Waterman Expert Fountain Pen with premium gift pen case

The Waterman Expert is at the height of the luxury pen world. While it’s the most expensive pen in our list, trust us when we say it’s worth it. If you’re trying to go big, go with the Expert.

It’s classic cigar-shaped barrel exceeds itself with the tapered button on the top of the cap, giving it both a timeless and an essentially modern feel.

The gold-plated nib is as flexible as it is durable; it’ll hold up under the constant pressures of daily writing tasks.



2.) Parker Jotter Stainless and Gold Click Pen


Parker Jotter stainless and gold click gift pen for christmas


The Parker Jotter click pen is an affordable, durable, smooth-writing everyday carry pen. 

I’ve got about three of these in my backpack at all times; they’re just great go-to pens for any writing task you. I usually use them for underlining and making notes in the margins of books.

The ink output is really well-balanced. It doesn’t bleed through pages too easily, but it also leaves really clear lines.

The simple tapered barrel designed is crowned with Parker’s signature arrow-shaped clip. It’s a great finishing touch to a really well-designed pen. Full functionality with a dash of flair.




1.) Waterman Hemisphere Stainless and Chrome Ballpoint


Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel and Silver trim ballpoint personalized gift for christmas


The Waterman Hemisphere stands at the top of our list for best personalized pens for family members this Christmas.

The reason being it’s one of the most solid, smooth, and satisfying pens in our collection. 

The twist-action mechanism that propels the writing tip is simply unmatched, and the writing tip itself is ridiculously smooth.

It’s got a really great weight to it, so it feels like you could prop open a descending barricade door in a daring escape from a cursed mummy’s tomb. It feels like its meant for more than just note-taking.

With a personalized engraving, this pen just takes the cake for a meaningful gifts.

That’s why we love it!






I hope this list has given you a lot to work with; at the very least, I hope it orients you to the possibilities.

More than that, we hope you’ll consider purchasing one of these awesome personalized pens from Dayspring Pens today! We know you won’t regret it; they’re sure to be one of the most meaningful, useful gifts for this Christmas season.

If you found this list helpful, share which pen you love the most in the comments.

If you didn’t find the pen you’re looking for, be sure to check out the rest of our entire collection; we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for at Dayspring Pens.


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