Meet the Cross Tech Pen Collection

With the rise in popularity of touch screen devices like tablet computers and smart phones, more and more people are looking for styluses to use instead of their fingertips. It's easy to understand why. From all of the typing, browsing and clicking, touch screens become marked with grease and fingerprints quickly, making it hard to see the touch screen. A stylus solves the problems created by using your finger to make selections on a touch screen, but traditionally styluses have been clunky, ugly instruments built for utility and not style. Cross has changed all that with their Tech collection, the first line of luxury writing implements made especially for the technology user.

The Tech collection includes 2 models: The Tech2, and the Tech 3+.  While both are made for precision work, there are differences between the styles. Here's a closer look at each and what it offers.

- The Cross Tech 2 includes the 6mm precision stylus tip from the Tech 1 on one end and a black ballpoint pen on the other. The design includes a swivel action mechanism for lowering the pen tip and raising it.

 - The Cross Tech 3+ has the same black ballpoint pen as the Cross Tech 2 as well as an additional red ballpoint pen and a pencil. To switch tips, you simply twist the barrel. The pen includes a larger 8mm stylus on the other end. You can pull off the stylus cap to reveal an eraser.

All of the models in the Cross Tech pen collection are perfect for those in the tech industry as well as for engineers, architects, drafters and others who frequently switch between writing implements.