How to replace lead in most mechanical pencils

  • 1. Remove the cap and the tip. 

  • 2. Remove the eraser holder that was under the cap to get a new piece of lead out of the storage area.

  • 3. Now screw the mechanism all the way out to be sure that that is no lead in the tip end.   You do by turning it to the right.  There is a very small brass piece that will appear.  
  • NOTE If you broke a piece of lead in the pencil, you will have get that out. There is a spring that grabs the lead and a broke off piece of lead will prevent the new stick from going in the spring. (Here is how

  • 4. Now Turn cylinder back a little until the smallest brass piece in the tip goes back in a bit. 

  • 5. Insert new lead into the point, it will grab.

  • 6.  Turn the new lead into the pencil