How to Load and Use a Fountain Pen

If you are new to fountain pens and how they work, it can be confusing and even frustrating. But once you get started, you will truly enjoy your new writing instrument. Here are some tips when getting started with fountain pens.

First, lets review the parts of a fountain pen:

a.  Below is a the fountain pen nib - you will be inserting either a converter or disposable ink cartridge into the back of it when you are ready to use the fountain pen. To get to it, you would remove the pen cap and then unscrew the nib from pen body to load the ink.
b.  Below is a disposable ink cartridge. If you use this, you will press / insert the narrower end of it into the back of the nib until you feel it puncture the seal. Most fountain pens use a universal 1/4 inch cartridge, sold by Dayspring Pens and many other places. ( NOTE: Parker brand fountain pens have their own end fitting on them, and therefore requires that you use a Parker brand cartridge. )  

c.  Below is a converter - used only with bottled ink. You use a converter instead of a disposable ink cartridge. Not every fountain pen will come with a converter, some only come with an ink cartridge. You fill the converter with ink from the bottle of ink you purchased, and then insert it onto the back the nib. 

Next, remember that unlike most other pens, the ink does not come ready to use.   You have to insert EITHER the converter or the ink cartridge into the back to the nib.  
To do, first remove the nib from the pen by unscrewing it, and then insert the narrower end of the cartridge into the coupling. You must break the seal on the cartridge or the ink will not flow. 

Getting the ink started:
Next, if your pen is brand new the ink flow will need to be started. There are several ways to do this. You can gently squeeze the cartridge to get the nib wet, or dip the nib in water to start the flow. After the nib is wet with ink, you do not need to do this again. However, until the nib is wet with ink, the pen will not write. If you use a water to start the ink, you ink flow will start quite "watery". Just scribble on paper until runs pure ink.
Once your fountain pen is started, it will be good to go. 
Here is a helpful video we found that give you more information.