All Cross pens in general represent a certain degree of supremacy when overall writing quality as well as pen material component is the main topic of concern. Being a Cross pen lover myself, I found the opportunity and luxury to take a closer look and test drive one of Cross fountain pen collections, the GP-117 Cross Townsend Black Lacquer Fountain Pen.  
This elegant writing pen is a true embodiment of elegance, fine pen craftsmanship, strength and recognition by just merely holding or putting it to one’s pocket. For those top executive individuals, pen enthusiasts and high profile people, this attention grabbing pen is a must have pen essential to complete their corporate or professional look for the day. 
With the pen’s 22 karat gold plated nib, exquisite black lacquer finish, solid pen construction, well-engineered ink cartridge that promise excellent writing output and a tight fitting cap, all these positive pen attributes cannot go unnoticed to any picky pen collector who only wants the best in his/her choice of pen. Another added feature of this high-end pen is the possibility of having it laser engraved according to one’s personal preference of name initials or standard text. 
In summary, this customizable pen is extremely a good pick, either for your personal writing requirements, an accessory pen that could help you project a superior look during an important business meeting or simply a proud pen owner who only desires to possess a top performing pen that is far beyond the ordinary, disposable pen. 
Never underestimate what a personally laser engraved Cross pen could bring to your personality or do to your writing tasks. Cross pens are made to deliver with competency only pure writing satisfaction while combining style, comfort and durability at all times in any of their pen series like the famous Cross Townsend Black Fountain Pen.