All About Fountain Pens

Details of These Classic Writing Implements


Fountain pens were first invented during the 10th century AD when the ruler of the North African region of Maghreb commanded that a pen be produced to his specifications. And what did he want from his royal writing pen? The caliph Ma'ad al-Mu'izz insisted that his pen not leave his fingers stained with ink and that it could be held upside down without leaking.

The Appeal of the Modern Fountain Pen

While modern fountain pens have some more advanced features, people who write with them today choose to do so because they have similar desires to those of al-Mu'izz. High quality fountain pens don't leak, and because the ink that they produces flows smoothly and evenly, they don't leave a mess behind on your hands or on the page.

Many people prefer fountain pens due to the pleasing way that they move across the page. They require less effort to create dark lines, so they are ideal for individuals who suffer from carpal tunnel or pain in their fingers or wrists. Because they can be reused for a lifetime, fountain pens are considered greener than ballpoints, and a lot of users like how fountain pens make them stand out in a crowd.

Features of Fountain Pens

A fountain pen is a writing implement that has an internal reservoir for holding ink. As you write, the ink flows freely through this reservoir into the tip or nib. The ink flow is continuous, but it stops when you finish writing, eliminating the risk for leaks.

There are two types of fountain pen designs. Many use disposable ink cartridges that are used until their ink is depleted. Then, they are replaced with fresh cartridges. Other pens come with converters that allow you to fill them with liquid ink or use a cartridge. Fountain pens come in a variety of finishes and most feature clips that allow them to be attached to a pocket or secured to a pen holder.

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