About Phone Orders

Give us a call today:  We are happy to answer your questions by phone. We are happy to give advice by phone. We are happy to help you order online when you call.

But we prefer that you place your order online, if possible ( except for larger business orders)

There are a couple of reasons why:

First,  Accuracy 
We want you to see what you are entering for the engraving directions. This is the #1 reason we ask you to order on the website, as we need the engraving directions in writing. When we get an order, we only copy and paste what was entered. 
Second, It is easier  
On the phone, we are filling out the exact same web site you are on right now, only you would have to dictate it to us, spell it for us etc. In other words, there is no difference if you place the order vs calling it in, it all goes through the web site just like Amazon. (except for larger business orders with logos, see below).
Third,  It is just as secure (and that is very secure!)
Sometimes customers say I don't care to put payment information online, so they order by phone. However, all payments are processed via our web site. So it the same for phone orders. (By the way, we have processed thousands and thousands of orders on this website for over 20 years and we never had a security issue. We are 100 % PCI compliant, which means among other things that we do not capture, see, nor store your payment information)  
What about Business Orders?
For larger business orders (over 12 pens and with a logo), you can email sales@dayspringpens.com the order information to us and we can create your order estimate and proof for you.