Do you collect rare and expensive pens as part of your hobby or just to fill in your desire to enhance your writing output? Whatever your main reason for buying personalized pens with elegance and high performance, let me share with you these 4 ways on how you can protect your luxurious pen gift collections and extend their writing benefits:
1. Make a complete pen inventory of your collections
    Pens are often valued according to their prices, pen brand maker and material component like gold plated, laquer finish or wood. Making a complete inventory of your pens will help you assess which among them are still in perfect writing conditions. Separate pens that are no longer functioning well or needing repair.
2. Choose an appropriate pen storage option
     Maintaining the quality writing performance of pricey pens must be among your major priorities as a pen collector. Sturdy boxes or cases specifically designed to fit high-end pens in order are the top choices for your storage options. Most branded pens ordered online come in well-presented gift pen boxes, so storing them safely are no longer difficult.
3. Organize your pen collections according to usage, color schemes or style
     Another great way to get your luxury pens highly organized is by categorizing them according to their main usage, color schemes or style. Group your pens based on their writing benefit, whether they are for signing, long writing or simply for sketching purposes. You can also put those pens with the same brands or color schemes in one boxes.
4. Don't put too much force on your hand
    Take good care of your most valuable pens by handling them properly as you write. Avoid putting too much force when using a delicate pen like a fountain pen.
Collecting pens with unique design can bring pure joy to any pen lover. If you truly treasure a custom-made pen that is personally laser engraved, be sure you keep it well-secured and well-fitted in a pen box or pen case. Don't let anyone use or borrow your priceless pen, since every expensive pen is made to fit its true owner.