Nowadays, wide selection of personalized pen gifts are within your reach online and one good thing about these online suppliers of wonderful gift ideas is that they will help you do the actual layout of your gift-giving plans and create unique products for your benefit.

In fact many successful companies who are always on the lookout for custom-made writing pens use online shopping sites to get a handful of attractive personalized gift pens. An innovative advice that reliable online pen product providers give to their valued customers is on how they can send their personalized logo-printed pens safely by mail.

Below are 3 sure tips to follow:

  1. Choose personalized gift pens that are light and not expensive. Keep in mind that your personalized writing pens will be sent out to a big number of potential clients, so the lighter and cheaper your pens, the lesser weight will be charged by the postal services.
  2. Come up with durable and creative packaging, even if they will be sent out through mail. Some companies rely on the help of product suppliers who have knowledge on how to better wrap or package giveaway pens sent through mail. Colorful envelopes that are far from the ordinary business envelopes are often used to give distinction and attract the receiver’s attention quickly once the parcel arrived at his/her doorstep.
  3. Find an affordable mailing service provider and negotiate a flat rate to be charged for your personalized gift pens. You don’t need to mail them by first class postage, but make sure that your chosen mailing company is credible enough to ensure the safe mailing of your pens to intended clients.

Customizing your gifts like pens can bring awareness to your chosen clients and give them the impression that your company is stable and credible to do business with. Be truly creative when designing your personalized pen gifts and for sure every recipient will love you for that.