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Have you ever wondered what a graphology expert would have to say about your handwriting? Have you ever wondered what that even means? Graphology is the analysis of the characteristics of a person’s writing, in other words: handwriting analysis. Such a study is said to reveal the emotional and psychological...

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Writing can be a cathartic experience. Studies reveal Chinese calligraphic handwriting can reduce your heart rate and increase your body temperature. Much like people who practice meditation. The soothing results can be attributed to the concentration required to create a flawless script, often in one try. Meditation via handwriting offers a promising new approach...

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They’re wildly famous household names. You love their speeches, you fill up theatres to watch their films and stadiums to watch them perform. You read about them but can you write like them? Check out these wild strokes and curvy cursive that make these signatures almost illegible. Discover some of...

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