Unboxing a Cross Set

How to Open a Cross Set

So, you’ve bought yourself a new Cross pen set (something like this Calais Ballpoint Rollerball Set or maybe a Classic Century Pen and Pencil Set), and you’re now about to unbox it. Here are some things to remember before getting started:

Every Cross pen set product comes with three things:

  • 1. Your pens
  • 2. A Cross gift box
  • 3. An outer protective sleeve
  • Classic Pen Set


Let’s get started. Go ahead and remove the outer protective sleeve. Behold! Cross’s signature branding: a black and gold color palette centered with Cross’s geometrical lion logo (If you’re a marketing nerd like us, you’ll enjoy how consistent, simple, and yet engaging it is).

Next, open the gift box to reveal your very own, very new pen set. They’ll be held in place by a fancy little ribbon and elastic strings. Go ahead and remove the pens from beneath the ribbon.

Enjoy the Moment

The benefit of getting a pen set rather than a single pen is that you’ll get to easily compare different ink styles. A ballpoint is going to be a faithful go-to for any kind of writing. A rollerball writes smoothly and cleanly. A fountain pen gives writing that exciting sense of purpose we all want when we write. A mechanical pencil is going to save you a lot of hassle. For more info on ink styles, be sure to check out our helpful guide on the subject.

If you ordered a fountain pen, the ink cartridge is located beneath the pen cushion. Just look for the yellow tab, and lift up.

So, jump in, test out your pens, and figure out which one you like best, but enjoy both for their unique strengths.