Unboxing a Cross Gel Pen

How to Open Your Cross Gel Pen

So you just bought your first A.T. Cross gel pen, and you’re about to unbox it. What’d you pick the Cross Edge? The Cross Click? That’s great! If you’re like me, unboxing can be a really exciting moment. It’s especially exciting for someone new to Cross pens. If you’re not like me, and unboxing means nothing to you, then enjoy the helpful tips about Cross gel pens contained in this article.

Here are some things to remember before getting started:

Every Cross pen product comes with three things:

    • 1. Your pen
    • 2. A Cross gift box
    • 3. An outer protective sleeve

Cross Edge Pen


Start by removing the protective outer sleeve by sliding the box out of its open side. Now, you’ll get to see Cross’s signature branding style: a black and gold color palette which really makes their iconic lion logo stand out (marketing and graphic design nerds take note!).

Once you’ve got the protective sleeve off, go ahead and open the gift box. Inside, you’ll find your very own Cross gel pen held in place by a fancy ribbon. Definitely don’t waste any time checking out your new pen and getting a feel for it. Remove it from beneath the elastic and test it out. If you ordered refills, they’re located beneath the cushion; just look for the yellow ribbon at the bottom right corner, and lift it up. 

Enjoy the Moment

Take a moment to examine your pen. What makes it different from other pens you’ve used? What stands out in its design? How does it feel in your hand?

Now, I hope you’ve got paper nearby, because one really frustrating experience is having a new gel pen and no paper for trying it out. Gel-based ink means it doesn’t require a whole lot of pressure to make a line, and it’s also great for writing over dark or smooth surfaces. Get used to how the pen behaves on the page.

Now that you’ve unboxed your new Cross fountain pen, enjoy! A new pen, whether it’s your first or a new addition to a grand collection, is sure to bring you or someone you know a small measure of joy. Getting your pen personally engraved by Dayspring Pens might just bring a little bit more.