How to Select the Best Fountain Pen For Her

Waterman fountain pen

Let’s face it. Buying a gift for those you love feels a hundred times better than buying something for yourself.

It’s very fulfilling to be the reason your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend smiles and feels loved, right?

But in all honesty, finding the perfect gift for her can be a daunting task.

You’re here because you want to get her a gift that exudes grace and elegance-a fountain pen.

You see, fountain pens are a symbol of professionalism, creativity, and status. And gifting your loved one with one sends a message that you believe in their capabilities.

You’re showing them how special they are to you with a gift that inspires.

The only question is: how do you select the best fountain pen for her?

Should you

  • • choose a new or classic design;
  • • go for something light or heavier;
  • • opt for a fine or broad nib;
  • • and in what color?

Let’s dive in and find out…

How to Choose the Nib Width

Fountain pen nib
Image from: by Mike Rodriquez

The nib is essentially the heart of a fountain pen as it determines the outcome of your handwriting.

In your journey to find the best fountain pens to buy, you’ll quickly realize that nibs vary in size and shape. They also come in many different materials.

Nib Sizes

First, you need to choose the right nib width for her handwriting style. Keep in mind the finer the tip, the finer the line the pen will create.

Nib sizes to choose from include: extra-fine, fine, broad, and medium.

If her handwriting is small, select an extra-fine or fine nib. However, if she has large handwriting, a broad or medium nib would be ideal.

Nib Material

Aside from the size, you’ll also have to choose the pen nib material. Most of the models you’ll come across will either have a stainless-steel or a gold nib.

The more valuable the nib material the superior the quality of writing. Writing with a gold nib pen provides a smooth experience while writing. It also adds luxury and style to your pen.

The Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo and Cross Classic Century Medalist are a great choice. They both offer a unique combination of convenience and luxury.

Don’t get it wrong though. Less costly nib materials such as stainless-steel aren’t lacking in quality. They offer a comfortable experience and are equally enjoyable to write with.

The Red Arizona and Cross Calais are fantastic examples of steel nibbed fountain pens that deliver quality and class. 


Choosing the Right Size and Weight

Fountain Pens
Image from: by kfergos

A pen comes in three different weights: heavy, medium, and light.

The best fountain pen is one whose size and weight are optimal for her.

Does she like writing tools that are slim and lighter in weight?

Or, technical pens that are large and heavy?

Here’s a suggestion: Ask her to experiment with some of the pens she already owns. This will help you determine what size feels most comfortable for her.

A pen that’s too weighty may feel more luxurious at first. However, it can become uncomfortable if she writes for long, uninterrupted periods. The Woodmark Edward is one of the weighty pen options in our collection and is best suited for short periods of writing.

You also want to pay attention to the overall width of the barrel. If she has smaller hands, select a narrower pen that’s comfortable to use. The Cross Classic Century Chrome Pen is one of the best light-weight pens in our collection.

Note: there’s no specific formula for finding the right size pen. Take time to compare the different models we stock at Dayspring Pens with others she owns.

Consider Price Range

Fountain pens are available in varying price ranges.

Usually, pricing depends on the following factors.

Quality of the Materials

Pens that use more valuable nib materials such as gold command higher prices. On the other hand, steel nib pens are more affordable.

The Brand

Some companies have, over the years, built up their brand image. This allows them to command higher prices for their fountain pens. Such brands include Parker, Cross, Pilot, Montblanc, and Visconti. 

So, the big question is, how much are you willing to spend?

Isn’t it obvious that you should select a pen that you can reasonably afford?

Don’t stress.

There are viable fountain pen options at any price point.

Is she an artist or a writer with a keen eye for calligraphy? You can get a superb fountain pen at a modest price.

The Red Lacquer Cross Baily Fountain Pen or Polished Chrome Cross Calais Fountain Pen will make a great gift for her. These are high-quality yet affordable options that will last a long time.

Appearance and Feel

Arizona Fountain Pen - Red
Arizona Fountain Pen - Red

“Pens have no conscience: they are an extension of the writer’s hand and desire.”- Paule Coelho.

Don’t forget that you’re buying a pen for someone else, not yourself. You, therefore, want to think about them to get it right the first time. 

The best fountain pens for a gift should not only look great but also match her personality.

No one would want to write with a pen that doesn’t match their style. Or one that they can’t stand the sight of. 

Think about her favorite colors, style, and design. 

The best fountain pens should deliver a pleasurable and luxurious writing experience. As such, your choice should fulfill this feeling for her.

Which Ink Filling System Should You Choose?

The most common ink filling systems include:

Offers a wide variety of colors Offers limited color options
Has many waterproof choices Few waterproof choices
Less convenient to travel with bottled ink More convenient to travel with Ink cartridges
Reduces cost long term Cost is higher long-term
Refilling your pen can be complicated Quicker and easier to replace

Most of the fountains you’ll find can only take one or the other. Some brands offer both options when you buy a new pen. Some have an option to fit a converter.

Make sure the converters or cartridges you purchase are compatible with the pen you choose.

Get Her a Personalized Fountain Pen Today!

Gifting your loved one with a fountain pen invites them into new realms of ink and paper. This is a tool that not only enhances their writing experience but also reflects their personality.

With so many options to choose from, finding the best pen for her can be daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be. Especially when you consider fountain pen features that suit a more feminine hand. And your budget too.

At Dayspring Pens, we know how much you value and care for your sister, mother, wife, or girlfriend. We have the most prestigious writing instruments from brands such as Cross, Parker, Arizona, and Waterman.

Our collection of fountain pens offers the perfect gift for the discerning woman.

Working on a budget?

Use the price filters on this category page to find a fountain pen gift that suits your budget.


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