These Gift Pens Would Be Perfect for These 4 Celebrities

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Handwriting is extremely individual and can provide information about someone’s personality. It reflects moods and character traits, and no two penmanships are the same. 

So when looking at these differences, we turn to professional graphologists for expert help. 

Graphology is, in simple terms, the study of handwriting to determine personality. Graphologists look at the spacing, size, and slant of letters to gather information. 

“Handwriting is an imprint of the self on the page” - Dr. Rosemary Sasoon

Here’s a fact: The pen you use has a big impact on your writing. 

A thick pen tip will give you heavier letters, while a thin one is better for fine writing. 

But more on that later

Pens are the ultimate tools for setting important information on paper.  Yet, some think writing is dying with the rise of electronic devices in place of pen and paper. 

But handwriting will not disappear anytime soon. 

Pens will always be with us. It is part of everyday life, necessary for life at home and at work. 

Read on, as we explore a selection of iconic figures and how their handwriting exposes their personalities. 

We’ll even talk about what pens those iconic names might like as gifts!

Isaac Newton

personalization pen

As you can see, this text shows Isaac Newton applied a lot of pressure.

The mathemagician shows passion and intensity in his handwriting. 

The occasional smudge is because of the way he pushes down on the paper.

The letters show arrogance, and if reports are correct, the genius was quite insidious. 

Isaac Newton’s Pen

In keeping with the times, we can assume Isaac Newton would have used a quill for writing. This ancestor of the fountain pen was the only writing tool at the time. 

If we want to give him a pen as a gift, a classic fountain pen would be best.

Similar to quills, Isaac would be most comfortable with: Dayspring’s Customizable Collection of Fountain Pens

We can describe the Cross Classic Century Medalist Fountain Pen as a luxurious yet solid classical century fountain pen. It would be the best choice of a gift for this genius. 

The large nib is also ideal because of his heavy-handed writing, so it won’t break easily. 

We could also bring him up to modern times with a Classical Century II Medalist Ballpoint Pen!

 It would take some practice for him to master his personal pen, but he was a genius, so we know he would manage! 

Barack Obama

customizable pen

This left-handed leader kept with White House tradition using Cross Classic Century pens. 

The CEO of Cross, Chad Mellen, said:

“The second thing is, the White House gives out mementos to people who come and visit — important people — and we participate in both those categories,” 

Obama’s use of the thicker Cross Classic Century pen shows a hard-working culture and strong leadership capabilities. 

The vertical slant of his letters and well-spaced words shows diplomacy and organized thoughts. 

The lack of a ‘starter stroke’ to his words shows fast writing - obviously, he’s very busy...

Barack Obama’s Pen

Obama’s customised pen of choice is the Classic Century Townsend Black with Silver Trim Rollerball which he had engraved with his name. 

He also gives out the pen as gifts when signing a bill into law. 

Look at this video and see him give out an astounding 22 Cross pens as gifts!



This superstar wrote a note to Michelle Obama giving us a chance to examine her handwriting. 

Sheila Kurtz is a graphologist from Scan My Handwriting who analyzed this note. 

She is part of a New-York based company that specializes in analyzing handwriting and they aim to give an insight into personality

When looking at Beyoncé’s handwriting, Kurtz describes the handwriting as;

  • Clear
  • Rhythmic
  • Meticulous
  • Logical
  • Open

Kurtz said the loops on the y, show creativity and imagination. The way they finish above the baseline shows she has the power to “bring her dreams to fruition.” 

This should not be surprising - she is after all the ultimate female pop icon of our age.

The circular dots above i show she is not easily swayed and stands for what she believes in. 

The rounded m and n indicate a methodical mind that relies on trusted intuition.

It also shows she can efficiently use facts to make decisions. 

The shape of the f which looks like a shoelace shows perseverance while the straight-up slant shows someone who thinks before she acts. 

Kurtz added that the diva might be argumentative, as part of the p formations are higher than the rounded part. 

Underscoring her name also shows strength and self-reliance.

 In conclusion, Beyonce’s writing is elegant and clear. 

Beyoncé’s Pen

So if you were to give her a personalized pen, would this analysis help you choose one?

Knowing her diva-like personality, a pen as a gift needs personalization.

A pen with a unique color is your best choice. However, be careful not to choose gifts that are too gaudy. 

Instead, choose something with a classical feel. 

Here’s an idea: You can engrave a  Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen from Dayspring Pens with her name as a thoughtful gift.

The rose color makes the ballpoint pen unique among pens.

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen
Cross Classic Century 14 Karat Rolled Gold Ballpoint

This 14kt gold plated Cross Classic pen covering gives this pen a glowing appearance. 

This is one of the best gifts that’s perfect for a lady’s purse. 

There is no better proof than the below review, that this is a perfect gift — maybe it could be from Jay-Z to Beyonce?

Carl customer review
Carl customer review

David Bowie

Known as one of the most influential rock stars, David Bowie’s music was dramatic and sometimes astonishing. 

According to handwriting master Adam Brand, it is surprising that his writing is quite slow and contains ‘self-protective’ structures. There is a show of sensitivity with lightly written balloon-shaped d’s. 

Closely spaced words show his desire to be near people and socialize.

However,  by using print, David Bowie may have shown emotional detachment.

“But he is a printer rather than a cursive writer. That means it would have been difficult to get emotionally close to him.” 

A curious feature is the circle dots above some i’s showed his want for others to notice him.

So what type of pen would he have used? Or would he have liked to use?

David Bowie’s Pen

As a creative, we can assume David Bowie had flashes of inspiration and would need to jot them down quickly. 

Dayspring Pens offer the perfect solution with a Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen & Journal Gift Set.

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen & Journal Gift Set
Cross Classic Ballpoint Pen & Journal Gift Set

His engraved Classic Century customized pen and embossed journal would lay in a black holder and be kept close, offering the perfect way to write his lyrics. 

The slim-barrelled pen is light enough so he could have written without pressure on his hand. 

With constant use, the customized classic century pen and journal would need to be of high quality and sturdy enough to not suffer wear and tear.

Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen & Journal Gift Set Review
Nadina customer review

Choose the Best Gift for Your Favorite Celebrity

Even if you’re are just imagining it!

You never know, if you pick the right classic century pen, you might even end up with the same one as your favorite celebrity!

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Featured image: WikiMedia