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My cheap, light green pencils with a white printed logo were a bad marketing decision.

Six years ago, a friend of mine and I decided to found a foreign language school, and a couple of months before the opening, something crossed our minds:

What are we going to do about marketing? There are so many foreign language schools in the city.

At the time, our budget was quite short. Still, we had to make something as soon as possible.

“Let’s get light green pencils, and print our white logo on them. It’ll be cute and convenient for the kids, plus we’re on the budget,” I said.

Since my friend was more worried about the late delivery of our books, she said, “Yeah, do whatever it takes!”

What a mistake!

The idea was to give personalized pencils to all visitors at our big opening. There were a lot of children with their parents, teenagers, and adults.

And they all left with green hands.

The color on our cheap pencils started to peel off, and, needless to say, many of them ended up in the garbage.

I learned that day that custom pens deserve our full attention.

So, here are the tips you need for what to avoid when getting your custom pens.

Having Personalized Pens

Think about the perfect promotional pen.

You’ll realize that you don’t need just any pen — you need the right pen; one that will best represent your business.

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Don’t Go With the Cheapest Option

When I was considering the writing instruments I wanted to customize, I was thinking about the cheapest ones available.

Our budget was modest, and, as a result of poor planning, it ended up creating a bad image for our company.

If I had been thinking differently — for example, considering getting 50 more expensive pencils instead of 100 cheaper ones — things would have gone more according to plan.

My choice didn’t have to be the most expensive option, either. But I wasn’t thinking about our target clients — something that would have deterred me from choosing the cheapest pencils I could. 

Color Contrast

Within our budget, I planned for making our logo as visible as possible. But this, too, didn’t end up working out. 

Dark colors didn’t sit well within our business at all. Some dark fine-edged or block letters on a light background would be a much better option for us.

Light-colored pens are easy to see in a bag or on a dark office desk, and a darkly colored logo would have been more practical. 

I could have even gone with the opposite — a dark background with a brightly colored logo.

What was important was that my logo was visible on whatever colored pen I decided to go with.

Contrast is important.

Not Deciding on a Font First

I didn’t decide on the font I wanted to have before ordering — printing and engraving programs can differ from company to company.

An interesting option I could have looked into was using my own handwriting as a font for our custom pens.

If I had converted my unique handwriting into a font, we could have had more personalized and customized pens.

Here’s a video to see how to do it.

Where I Should Have Ordered My Custom Pens From

Once I knew how my personalized pens would look, I should have chosen a pen company.

If I had kept my target clients in mind, I would have chosen the best pens for my promotion.

They would have ended up being quality gel pens, ballpoint pens, or fountain pens, regarding the budget we had.

The pen company of choice would have information to offer on their selection of personalized pens.

But there’s one more thing worth thinking about, before deciding how you want to have your pens customized:

Would you like to imprint your brand name or engrave it?

Why Engraving is Better Than Printing

two pens, one gold pen, one blue pen
Engraving Information for Personalized Pens

Engraving on a pen lasts forever, unlike printing.

For us, it was the perfect solution since our design didn’t have many tiny details or more than two colors.

Engraving can’t peel off, and that makes it perfect for a custom pen.

A pen company does their engraving using laser machines. They make precise grooves that can be filed with the ink color of your choice, which further contributes to the luxurious look of the pens.

Promotional pens have to leave an impression, and so it will take the pen company some time to complete the process of engraving. It’s about 3–5 business days without delivery time.

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

If I had only known about the value of promotional pens, my attempt at company branding would have turned out much better.

Now, knowing what I know, I would never decide to go with a pencil. Instead, I’d always choose a pen — any kind of high-quality pen.

A pen would better reflect the image of your business. And while it may never be as effective as something like viral social networking, for example, it’s still an extremely useful promotional tool.

A pen is a constant in everyday life. When your client takes out his pen and uses it, even just to doodle something on paper, they’ll see the name of your company.

At a subconscious level, this keeps your business in their mind.

Plus, knowing its advantages, an engraved pen could also turn out to be a great gift — especially if it’s a pen set. You simply can’t make a mistake with it.

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