Cheerful grandson and grandfather looking at each

Oh! The look on his face. I still remember it like it was seconds ago.

My father, always warm-spirited.

On this particular day, I walked into his elegantly furnished office. It was his 56th birthday. As usual, he was working — documents to sign, checks to write, and the works.

Elated to see me, he rose from his seat to give me a warm hug. After which I handed him a set of Dayspring Pens and said, “Happy Birthday, Pops!”

For a moment, he was silent. As he unwrapped the gift, his face suddenly lit up, beaming with a huge smile. I hadn’t seen that look on him in a while.

As he gave me a ‘thank you’ hug I knew in my heart that I had nailed it for my old man!

Here are some of the reasons why the gift set had my father all bright and sunny.

Pens Personalized

Why My Father Loves Dayspring Pens

His gaze still fixed on the set, he said, “Let me tell you the great things I love about Dayspring Pens.”


Did you know that writing comfortably is mostly determined by the pen’s balance?

Now you know.

For you to know the balance of a pen, hold it between your index finger and thumb. Then hold it lightly as if you want to write. There shouldn’t be any excessive weight toward the front or back of the pen, since this translates to a poor writing experience.

Whether light or heavy, a well-made pen should be comfortable to use. Because comfort, for the most part, is tied to the overall balance.

A Dayspring pen offers a delicate weight and balance that’s perfect for both right-handed and left-handed writers.

Great Finish and Fit

The finish and fit of the pen you own are vital components to look out for.

When considering the fit of a pen, look for a few things — ensure that when the pen is closed the patterns align on the barrel and cap, that the ink reservoir is well-secured in the barrel, and, also, that the forward motion of the filling mechanism is effortless.

A faulty fitting pen results in long-standing distress and diminished usefulness over time.

This writing instrument gives you an experience that is uniquely warm, with a comfortable feel as you write. The finish of the pen elicits the highest degree of pleasure and satisfaction when gripping it.

The metal finish has an effect on the aesthetics and value of a pen as well. The Dayspring pen features gold or sterling silver for the banding and clip or for the barrel and cap.

My father loves the custom engraved set, because the finish and fit provide him with an incomparable writing experience.

Why The Set Was Such a Perfect Gift

It Includes Personalization

My dad loved the idea of seeing his name and a birthday message on the gift casing as well as on the pen. With Dayspring sets, you can opt to have a name or a message up to 25 characters engraved. 

The standard engraving fonts offered are Block, Script, and Times fonts.

Pens Personalized
Standard Engraving Fonts

Additionally, a pen can have a deep cut, color-filled engraving. For this type of engraving, the fonts available are Block, Cursive, and Times. The several font options provide my father with an opportunity to flaunt his style and personality.

Gifts Pens PersonalizedStandard Engraving Fonts

Different Pen Types in a Set

The custom engraved set includes the combination of a fountain pen and a rollerball pen — plus, the set can also have a ballpoint pen together with the former. This really came in handy for my father, as he uses particular pen for specific purposes.

For instance, if he wants to write for a longer period of time, a fountain pen is ideal because it’s more comfortable and has a smoother writing experience when compared to a ballpoint pen. Since the ink flows more freely, it allows you to exert less pressure. 

How I Selected the Perfect Pen Set

In my quest to select the perfect set of custom engraved pens for my father, here are some of the considerations I made:

What’s the Occasion?

It was my father’s birthday — a day he truly treasures and considers important. So, I had to get a gift that’s very personal and special. I asked myself several questions:

  • Would engraving it add more meaning to the gift or would it be too much? 
  • Is it worth spending some extra amount of cash on?
  • How important is my father’s birthday to him?

This helped me arrive at getting him a personalized gift set from Dayspring.

The Type of Pen

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when searching for personalized gift pens. The common varieties include a rollerball, ballpoint, and fountain pen.

The fountain pen utilizes a metal nib and usually contains an ink supply via a refillable converter, a replaceable cartridge, or a built-in internal reservoir. A fountain pen provides the ultimate sophistication and elegance when it comes to writing, hence making it the perfect choice for a custom engraved set.

Ballpoints are easy to write with and don’t require constant changing of the ink cartridge. They provide the convenience of a click-top or twist-action, making them a great fit if you have an active lifestyle.

Like ballpoints, rollerballs use disposable refills and mostly utilize a twist-on or screw cap.

Having all of this at the back of my mind helped me in choosing the perfect gift for him.

How Often Will He Use the Pen?

A rollerball pen, for instance, is great — but not for writing over extended periods. The pen requires more pressure when writing, making it uncomfortable after some time.

A fountain pen portrays elegance and is considered iconic. It features a converter in the barrel or a replaceable ink cartridge. However, the pen needs to be cleaned thoroughly and the ink refilled often.

A ballpoint pen is considered the best for everyday use, offering smooth writing and easy maintenance.

So, taking all of this into consideration, getting him a personalized set with both a rollerball pen or fountain pen was the ideal as he would choose a different pen depending on the use.

Get the Perfect Gift for Your Father Too!

I found the perfect gift for my father — a pen set intricately engineered with excellently executed appointments.

Dayspring Pens delivered my personalized gift set with nothing short of excellence.

Regardless of the design, color, or writing style,  Dayspring Pens was ready to assist me in finding the perfect custom engraved set for my pops.

I didn’t have to stress about whether he preferred a rollerball pen or a ballpoint pen because they come paired together in a gift box.

Is Father's Day coming up? Or Christmas? And you’re on the hunt for a meaningful gift for your father? Then Dayspring Pens will come to your rescue with the perfect luxury and custom engraved set.

I’m sure he’ll be blown away, just like my dad was!

Pens Personalized
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