6 of the Best Christmas Gift Pens of All Time

Small family celebrating Christmas

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you may be feeling the pressure of finding just the perfect gift for those special people in your life.

While you may not think of pens as very special gift ideas, here at Dayspring, we tend to think of them as the perfect gifts to give any time of year, especially so at Hanukkah and Christmas.

Today, we’re going to examine 6 of our finest pen gift ideas. Here, you’ll find the perfect gift for:

The Boss - be it a he or she, you’ll find a pen gift you’ll be proud to present.

The Student - stylish, unique, and practical, pens they’ll love to use day in and day out.

That Special Someone - show your love and appreciation with a beautiful and becoming Christmas pen.

Before we begin, however, there are a few things about pens we should discuss.

What Kind of Pens Make the Best Christmas Gifts?

When considering pens as a Christmas gift, there are a few things to consider:

• The recipient - who is getting the pen

• Their tasks - what they will use the pen for

Cost - you don’t want your Christmas pens ruining your gift-giving budget

While the recipient may seem obvious — your boss, your university student, your wife — things like personal style and even personality come into play.

Are they the kind of person to make a splash, be a bit showy? Are they the ultimate in femininity or the classic Macho Man? Are they the type to use that Christmas pen every day, or would it sit in a box in their desk and only be used on special occasions?

The answers to these questions should help you determine the style of the Christmas pens you buy.

Not all pens are made alike, and how they are made can determine how they are used. Some of these things include:

• Point - fine, medium, broad - how thick or thin a line does the pen make on the paper?

• Ink bleed - does the ink show on the other side of the paper?

• Type of tip - felt, rollerball, fountain nib - what kind of point delivers the ink to the paper?

Most people who will just be using their pens to write with prefer a fine or medium point, with non-bleeding ink, and a rollerball tip. Artistic types, however, may prefer a felt or fountain pen.

Lastly, as with all holiday gifts, the cost can play a factor in which pen you choose to give. Most of the gifts suggested in this article are fairly easy on the budget, while still giving you an impressive, important gift to brighten someone’s Christmas.

Gift Pens for the Boss

Every important man and woman likes to feel appreciated by their staff, and a pen gift says just that. Here are two of our pens we think are perfect for the man or woman in charge.

The Cross Edge 

The Cross Edge
Cross Bailey Pen

The Cross Edge is a lightweight, stylish, futuristic-looking pen that comes in several styles - black, red, blue, and titanium.

It has a slide-action system to extend the writing tip and uses gell ink cartridges for a smooth, clean stroke.

And at less than $50, it’s an executive gift you can afford. 

The Cross Classic Century 10 Karat Gold

Cross Century Balloint Pen
Cross Century II 10 Karat Rolled Gold Ballpoint Pen

Make a great impression with the boss at Christmas, and let him or her make a great impression on the customers, every time they sign their name with the Cross Classic Century in 10 karat rolled-gold.

We think this sleek, fashionable pen would make the perfect present for a boss babe. After all, what lady doesn’t love a little bling?

This pen is a bit more expensive at nearly $100, but as executive gifts go, it’s a steal. 

Christmas Pens Perfect for the Student

Once those nieces and nephews and godchildren get to be college-aged, finding a holiday present for them can be a little tough.

Instead of slipping them that gift card or cash as you’ve done in years’ past, how about a practical, classy pen? Whether studying art or astrophysics, we’ve got a pen sure to make the grade.

The Cross Bailey Line

Cross Bailey Blue Lacquer Fountain Pen
Cross Bailey Blue Lacquer Fountain Pen

Our Cross Bailey line of fine writing instruments is designed with ease-of-use and style in mind.

They come in black, blue, and red lacquer finishes and a “Medalist” option, with a choice of a rollerball, fountain nib, or ballpoint tip.

Their medium barrel width makes them easier to use for longer periods of time, perfect for fighting the writing fatigue often faced by students doing pages and pages of writing.

Priced between $40 and $60, the Cross Bailey line of pens is a great way to celebrate the student in your life.

The Graduation Emblem Cross Calais

Graduation Emblem Cross Calais Pen- Lustrous Chrome
Graduation Emblem Cross Calais Pen- Lustrous Chrome

Perhaps you have a December graduate in the family? The Graduation Emblem Cross Calais edition is an excellent choice to celebrate both the holiday and their achievement.

The Cross Calais Graduation Emblem comes in your choice of blue lacquer, like the Cross Bailey pictured above, or the sleek chrome finish shown here. You can even double the pleasure with a double pen set, featuring one of each finish.

Priced between $30 and $55 dollars, these gifts come in well under budget for the quality and style your student will love for years to come. 

Special Christmas Gifts for Your Special Person

The gift of a pen shows that you care. Shows that you have taken time to consider the role of the receiver in both life, and in your life.

It’s not a last-minute thing or a throwaway gift. In today’s disposable world, a quality pen can last someone for years, if not for a lifetime.

With that in mind, we want to help you find just the splendid, impeccable gift that special man or woman in your life deserves.

Here’s our favorite for him:

The Woodmark Pen and Pencil Set

Woodmark Rosewood Pen & Pencil Gift Set
Woodmark Rosewood Pen & Pencil Gift Set

What could be more manly, and yet more matchless, than a pen and pencil set made of rosewood?

A pen and pencil set made of rosewood with gold accents and a custom engraving, that’s what.

Give that special man in your life the unique and wonderful experience of warm, beautiful rosewood every time he reaches into his desk or pocket for a writing tool.

With a price tag under $30, this is one special present you can present on almost any budget.

And here is our special choice for that oh-so-special lady:

The Cross Century II Pearlescent White Lacquer Pens

Cross Century II Pearlescent White Lacquer Ballpoint Pen
Cross Century II Pearlescent White Lacquer Ballpoint Pen

Pearls and gold. For centuries, given to and by royalty to show favoritism. The hallmark of queens around the world.

And while the United States doesn’t have royalty anymore, your queen will be sure to rain down her royal blessings upon you when you present her with this special pen on Christmas morning.

The Cross Century II Pearlescent Lacquer line comes in your choice of rollerball or ballpoint tip. It has a wider profile, making it fit her hand with comfort and ease. And the rose gold accents set it apart from other, more masculine executive pens.

Its price tag of nearly $90 makes it a bit pricey, but isn’t she worth her weight in pearls?

Dayspring Pens, the Perfect Choice for Gifts

Whether buying gifts for the boss, the student, or that special someone, you’ve seen that Dayspring has the perfect pens to offer.

All of our pens are able to be personalized, giving your gifts that special touch. And with pens for nearly every budget, you can’t go wrong choosing one or more to fill your gift-giving list.

Buy one or more of these impeccable pens today, and give a truly meaningful, unique, and timeless present this year that they can cherish for years to come. 


Featured image: Freepik