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“Today’s a big day, Roy! Are you ready?” I said to my son as he grabbed the cup of coffee from my hand.

He smiled and replied, “Yes, Mom.”

He looked sharp. Of course, he did, it was his graduation day.

He was among the top students in his Graphic Design class, and as a mom, I couldn’t be more proud of him.

After the ceremony, I pulled him aside and offered him a well-wrapped gift. He opened it with lots of curiosity. Then he looked up at me with an enormous smile.

“A Cross Gel Pen?!” He screamed.

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

He tightly hugged me and amid emotions whispered to me.

“Thanks, Mom. You really are the best!”

A week after graduation, my son sat me down and narrated to me why he loved the Red Gel Cross Edge Pen.

The Preferred Choice

The Red Cross Edge Pen is an engaging, futuristic, and retractable pen.

It features a playful slide-action extension system that makes it unique from other pen lines. To extend the gel ink tip, just slide the barrel forward, and back to retract it.

So cool! The popping red color for this gel pen gives it a fun and sporty look!

With gel pens being quite popular among artists and creatives, it really was the perfect gift for my son.

Product Features:

  • • Custom engraving is deep cut and silver-filled.
  • • Retractable rollerball pen with a metallic red finish and polished chrome accents.
  • • Liquid smooth writing.
  • • A.T. Cross Brand large girth with black ink.

Technical Specifications:

  • • Cross Edge AT0555-7
  • • Pen Weight: 1.1 oz
  • • Barrel Width: 1.7 cm

Why My Son Loved Getting the Cross Edge Gel Pen

Smooth Writing

The Cross Red Edge Gel Pen provides you with a smooth writing experience for your professional or personal needs. These fast-drying ink pens are among the best gel pens used for both sketching and writing.

The ease of use and flexibility of these gel ink pens make them popular among engineers, artists, and salespeople.

Writing your diary or signing important documents?

The gel pen can deliver outstanding results for both tasks.

Best Pens Gel
Cross Edge Pen Red

“Both of the pens that were purchased arrived in a timely manner and in good condition. I am pleased with the purchases. The Cross Edge pen was purchased as a gift and the person is happy with the product. Thank you.”

Fast-Drying Ink

If you’re looking to have a flawless and clean finish without smudges, then the Red Cross Edge Gel Pen is one of the best tools for you.

Whether you’re a writer or an artist who loves to sketch and draw, these gel pens allow you to produce precise results regardless of the project nature.

They’re considered being the best gel pens for left-handed people. That’s because they have quick-drying ink.

Gel pens without this feature are cumbersome for left-handed people because their hand sweeps over what has just been written and smudges the ink.

Variety of Colors and Ink Options

Gel pens are available in a myriad of exciting colors that work best with the many writing surfaces.

Most artists and graphic designers find the colors of these gel pens appealing. They provide a vibrancy that works best on art projects.

The ink found in gel pens is made up primarily of copper phthalocyanine and iron oxides.

You’ll also find biopolymers such as (xantham gum and tragacanth gum) and polyacrylate thickeners.

Oops! We must have lost you in there. But no need to worry.

All you need to understand is that these elements work together to give gel pens the best features that they boast of. Especially with color variety, smooth writing, and quick-drying ink.

The pigments mixed are of bright pastel colors. However, sometimes metallic and glittery shades are created to be used on darker surfaces.

In other words: different types of dyes are incorporated to create high-quality ink.

Personalization Options

With this Cross Edge Gel Pen, you have the option to personalize by using either:

  • • Line of Engraving
  • • Signature Engraving
  • • Corporate Logo Engraving

Best Pen Gel
Cross Edge Pen Red

The engraving color options are Black, Silver, Blue, and Gold.

The font options are Script, Times, and Block.

Cross pen

Additionally, the Cross pen is eligible for a deep cut, color-filled engraving.

For this style of engraving, the font options are Cursive, Block, and Times.

Uni ball

“Great pens and service. Happy with the new pen and the engraving is beautiful.” Gary A.

Here’s what makes this gel pen different from others:

  • • The gel ink is quick-drying, hence reducing the risk of smudging.
  • • The gel pens can easily craft a bolder line when compared to other types of pens.
  • • You can use the ink gel pen on non-absorbent and smooth surfaces.
  • • The gel ink doesn’t bleed through papers.
  • • When compared to a paint marker, a gel pen is easier to use and handle.
  • • No powerful odor.
  • • You need not shake the pen to confirm if it’s working properly.
  • • The gel ink color is usually much brighter and stronger than other pen types.

Dayspring Pens stays ahead of the market to consistently produce the newest technology in gel pens to give you a user experience that lingers on.

Understanding The Difference

You might wonder what is the difference between rollerballs, ballpoints, and ink gel pens. Well, the fundamental difference is the ink used.

  • • The ballpoint pens use thick, oil-based ink, which is water-resistant. Therefore, the ink pens write smoothly with no smudges.
  • • Conversely, the rollerball pens use thin water-based ink. It writes with less pressure, though it easily smudges and bleeds.
  • • The gel pens incorporate the best features of rollerballs and ballpoints.

The gel ink is a mixture of oil and water-based ink. This reduces the likelihood of smudging while still offering smooth writing.

Subsequently, gel pens provide the performance of ballpoints with the comfort of rollerballs.

The gel pens with a 0.5 mm tip size are quite popular as they are considered universally comfortable. Others feature a contoured rubber grip for a better writing experience.

Why Not Get the Best Gel Pen for Your Son Too?

Ah, the honeyed gratification of a renowned gel ink pen!

The joy in my son has been so clear since I got him the red Cross Edge gel pen.

He walks with a bounce in his step.

These gel pens are the classic blend of function and form, and they often come in a luxurious gift box.

Uni ball
Cross Edge Pen Red

The gel pens give you the precision of a rollerball pen and the reliability of a ballpoint pen. Add to this a custom engraving and your son will forever remember how much of a great mom he has! It’s a sure hit that he will use with pride.

Looking for a splendid gift for any occasion?

At Daypsring Pens, we know that offering a personalized ink gel pen is one of the best ways to show a loved one that you value them.

So why not get one of our high-quality, personalized gel pens today? Our wide range of selection ensures that they'll appreciate this meaningful gift.

And then my son will say to your son:
“Cheers to penmanship!”